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Penis Enlargement: How to Enlarge Your Penis

Various methods of enlarging a penis are all available worldwide with each of their success level. For years men have been indulging in various methods of enlarging their penis size. This search is due to the fact that every man wants to prove himself to his woman sexually and to satisfy her. Considering the various methods of enlarging a penis and their safety, some will be described here.

Does Penis Enlargement really work? It does, however, not all methods and techniques for penis enlargement produce the same results. There are a wide variety of penis enlargement products and methods available in the market such as pills, creams, pumps, supplements, belts, stretchers, weights, extenders, patches, and herbal teas. Penis Enlarging Due to the increasing size of the market, the sensitivity of the issue, and the lack of credible information regarding penis enlargement, a number of dodgy companies have started producing fake and ineffective penis enlargement products.

Do you want a Bigger Penis? Some years ago, I was really ashamed of my penis size. I had a small penis (6 inches in length and 4 inches in girth when erect)! Back then I was really depressed about my manhood size. I always avoided starting anything sexual with any girl because I felt I was too small when it comes to penile size. After a while I decided to do something about my pitiful situation. At the time I was not aware that there are some methods that are ineffective, dangerous and cause a lot of pain. How to Get a Bigger Penis I actually attempted some methods that left me with a sore penis and occasional erectile dysfunction and still I did not get the bigger penis that I wanted.

How Long does it Take For Volume Pills to Work? The effect of volume pills depend on a lot of factors. For one, their effects rely on the body conditions of the person taking them. Semen volume and quality are dictated by genetics, as well as many environmental determinants such as age, potency, health conditions, and even smoking and drinking vices. And so the question How Long does it Take For Volume Pills to Work? has no definite answer in as much as the results vary from person to person. Ejaculation Volume Also, brands of volume pills produce various results and therefore various estimated time of display of results, since they contain and employ different kinds of chemicals, ingredients, and many other substances.

To give you an honest VigRX Plus review, I have to tell you that there is nothing magical about the brand. Its method of action is completely scientifically approved though the ingredients may be 100% natural and have herbal origin. The mode of action of the brand is that the ingredients not only improve blood flow to the penile area and result in erection, it also nurtures male sex health which manifests itself by increased stamina in the sexual act, adequate sperm production and improved sperm motility. Natural Male Enhancement To make the VigRx Plus review honest and unbiased, I have to tell you the flip side of the success story as well.

SizeGenetics, according to its manufacturers, underwent several clinical tests before it was released in the market. It has the capability to exert up to 1,500 grams of stretching force, which is enough to stretch your penis correctly. The manufacturers are claiming that if you buy SizeGenetics and use it regularly for twelve months, your penis will gain as much as 3 inches in length and 1.5 inches in girth. Of course, this is something that all male enhancement manufacturers, companies and distributors are claiming. Penis Extenders This is the reason why you need to search the Internet and look for different SizeGenetics reviews that will help you learn more about this product. You also need to spend hours to research before you buy SizeGenetics, to be sure that it can really help you with your “small” problem.

1. Penis Enlargement Surgery: This involve the increasing the length and girth of the penis by carrying out some surgical operation on the penis. The lengthen can be achieve by cutting the suspensory ligaments that attach the penis to the pubic bone while the girth increase is achieved simply by injecting liposucted fat taken from the abdomen into the penile shaft.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Effectiveness: During the healing process, the reverse effect which is penis shortening can occur due to the strengthen and reduction that occur during healing. This occurs in minor cases only.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Safety: Risks involved in penis surgery includes, permanent scars, infections, badly healing wounds etc.

2. Penis Pumps: This device functions by drawing high blood volumes into the erectile tissue. This will now result in the swelling up of the erectile tissue and then enlarge the penis temporarily.

Penis Pump Effectiveness: The penis pump method of enlarging a penis has little effect as it does not produce permanent enlargement. This is because during the pumping session, natural blood flow to the penis stops and oxygen is not supplied to the penile tissue.

Penis Pump Safety: Using the penis pump to enlarge the penis can cause bruising, breakage of capillaries and blood vessels within the penis if too much pressure is applied and the complete stop of blood flow to the penis during a session.

3. Penis Enlargement Pills: Unlike penis pumps, penis enlargement pills increase blood flow to the penis and the pills also produce sex hormones.

Penis Enlargement Pills Effectiveness: These pills make your erection much harder and thicker but unlikely promote permanent increase in size. Penis enlargement pills produce good results when used with natural penis enlargement pills.

Penis Enlargement Pills Safety: Common penis enlargement ingredients are all safe. But some do contain Yohimbe, a risky herb which can cause rapid heart rate, high blood pressure and dizziness. Care should be taken when administering enlargement pills and anyone found to contain Yohimbe herb should be discouraged.

4. Natural Penis Enlargement: The natural penis enlargement method makes use of exercises in enlarging your penis. The exercise is targeted towards expanding the sponge like tissues of the penis and as this tissue expand, the blood capacity of the penis develops and this result to a permanent enlargement of the penis length and girth.

Natural Penis Enlargement Effectiveness: The most effective way to enlarge penis size permanently is through the natural penis enlargement method. Because of the much blood flow to the penis, you will see a good result after few weeks of carrying out the exercise.

Natural Penis Enlargement Safety: This is indeed the safest method of enlarging a penis. With this method, you have control of the amount of pressure you apply when exercising.


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