Overview of the 10 best types of microscopes

10 best types of microscopes


The microscope is not only a professional device, but also a way to attract children and teenagers to science. There are certain differences in the rich range of devices.

The design consists of a tube - a hollow tube, where the eyepiece (lens system) is equipped. When it is removed, the magnification is adjusted. The device is equipped with attachments for one (monocular) or two eyes (binocular) or a double lens with a camera for shooting.

The lens is positioned in front of the object in question. It can be of two types: dry and immersion. The increase is carried out by a special mechanism – a revolver nozzle (expensive models). Simple models require manual lens changes.

The element under study is placed on the slide table. To move the object vertically, use the adjustment screw. The illumination is adjusted by a capacitor. Some models are equipped with lighting (electric or mirror). Operating principle:

The object under study is placed on a slide, covered with a thin glass plate on top.

The light is concentrated by a third lens system – a capacitor, which is attached by a holder. Below is a lighting mirror that transmits the light from the lamp.

The image is saved if the microscope is equipped with a camera.

The principle of operation of an electron microscope is based on the image of a beam of charged energy particles. They are controlled by magnetic lenses that set the motion of the electrons.

One part is scattered, the second part passes through the object. The information comes from the charges and is fed to the screen. Purpose and functions.


The main purpose is to obtain enlarged images, measuring objects visible or invisible to the eye.


Main tasks:


Edit schemas.

Defect analysis.


Preparation of materials.


Removing micro-characteristics.

The scope of application of microscopes is immeasurably wide: metrology, cryobiology, toxicology, virology, nanometrology, chemistry, biology, forensic examination.


Functions of microscopes


Creating a light stream.

Reproduces the magnification of the optical image.

Image visualization.


Important parameters:


Type of construction


The material of manufacture of the device indicates the reliability and durability of the product. The best characteristics are distinguished by a metal alloy. Its structure reduces vibration, and there are no fluctuations during temperature changes.


The plastic case is inferior to the metal one in strength.




The most important parameter is the arrangement of a high-quality focus.


Standard lenses are considered DIN or JIN. These models are available in retail, they are easy to replace in case of breakage.


The lenses give light correction.

The more of them, the better the colors are transmitted, especially at long distances. Plastic versions, which are equipped with children's microscopes, give a fuzzy and blurry image.




Lenses located closer to the eye. They are characterized by a wide field of view, which gives a larger image. It is easier for the eyes to focus on the object. The minimum allowable diameter of the eyepiece lenses is 18 mm.



Incandescent lamp. The simplest and most inexpensive.

Fluorescent lighting. A glass flask filled with gas. The cost is more expensive, but it works longer.

LED lamps. They are professional devices, economical, and efficient.

Halogen lamps. A powerful stream of white light ensures bright lighting in all conditions.



Coarse focusing consists of a single knob that moves the subject through the focal plane of the lens. To see the image, the control is rotated, but it is difficult to do this.


With precise focus, the object is magnified in the vertical and horizontal plane.Secondary parameters:


Replaceable eyepieces. The mechanism is replaced quickly, which limits the ingress of dust, since it is difficult to clean these places.

A set for experiments. If the complete set includes ready-made samples, then you can start working immediately after purchasing the microscope. This is convenient, but does not play a role in choosing the right device.

Digital screen. Such a device is suitable as a way to demonstrate the process, since the actions are visible on the display. But the cost increases significantly, almost all models are connected to external monitors. What should be a good microscope:


An important requirement for a high – quality product is a binocular or trinocular nozzle. Two eyepieces allow you to look with two eyes, do not exert a load on the eyes during prolonged operation.


The trinocular mechanism includes an additional tube for mounting the camera, so surveillance, photo or video shooting is carried out simultaneously.




The iris aperture.

Filter holder

Magnification up to 2000 times.

A slide table with a drug holder.

Powerful illumination (lower, upper).

Precise, coarse focusing.

AC adapter.

Adjustable interpupillary distance.



Built-in screen.

High-quality optics.

Work from the network and offline.

Diopter vision correction.

Ergonomic tripod design.

Complete set for research.

Record photos, video files with output to the computer.

The optical scheme of the microscope is designed for infinity.




High cost.

Heavy weight or volume.

The best soldering microscope

A device for precise work, soldering, mounting of electronic cards, microchips. When repairing and restoring electronic devices, there is a need to solder small parts. Most cases involve the search for microcracks of motherboards.


The device is equipped with manual focusing, a smooth change in the degree of magnification, and illumination.


With the help of programs, angles, distances, areas, and radii are measured when magnified to a micrometer.



The Konus Crystal PRO 7-45X Stereo is the most versatile. The trinocular device is designed for soldering, jewelry workshops, dental laboratories.

The binocular and stereoscopic attachment complement the product's capabilities. Distance, diopters are adjustable, halogen lighting is adjustable.


Andonstar A 1 is the most productive. The magnification reaches 500x by changing the distance to the object in question. A distinctive feature is the low cost.

The package includes a nozzle with a mirror, the illumination is adjustable. If necessary, it connects to a computer, which is convenient and efficient.Bresser Advance ICD is the most professional. The large surface provides space for easy assembly operations, and for exploring objects up to 40 mm high.

The head of the microscope rotates 360 degrees, so it is used for observation by multiple users without moving in space.




2.0 MP camera.

Magnification up to 200x.

Manual focus up to 500 mm.

Lighting of 8 LEDs.

The power source is a computer.


Best Binocular Microscope

Levenhuk 2ST-ultra-precise. Large working distance of 60 mm, magnification of 40x. Flat micro-preparations, thin sections, and large objects are subject to research.

The optical system is made of a special transparent glass, which transmits a high-quality realistic image.


The sharpness is adjusted by a special wheel.

Micromed 2 var. 2-20 – the most illuminated. The brightness of the backlight is adjustable, the device is equipped with a halogen lamp. The work is based on the method of passing light of light and dark fields, phase contrast.

The objects under study are colored and unpainted sections, smears. The microscope is used for medicine, biology, and chemistry. With the help of the device, diagnostic tests are carried out in hospitals, clinics, and higher educational institutions. The image is displayed on the computer or laptop screen when the video eyepiece is connected. The OptikaM B -157 is the most reliable. The model includes high-quality optics, strong mechanical parts, easy setup, operation. The device is suitable for teaching natural sciences.

The body is ergonomic, made of cast metal under pressure. The lenses are achromatic, coated with an antifungal compound.

A special convenience when using the equipment is to observe with two eyes. The option distributes the load evenly, reduces discomfort during prolonged work. Models for laboratories are popular.


The tube diameter is 30.5 mm.

Zoom range up to 600x.

White LED illumination.

Connecting additional equipment.


High quality.

Coarse and fine tuning mechanisms.

Large object table.

High-contrast image.

360-degree rotating binocular attachment.

Adjustable interpupillary distance.

The illumination is natural. Minuses:

No backlight (some models).

Vertical position of the eyepieces. The best microscope for a child. Rating:

Micromed Eureka 40x-1280x . The device is intended for educational and laboratory work in the field of biology in a school, lyceum or other educational institution.The universal power supply of the lighting system (adapter and three batteries) allows for use at home.

4x, 10x lenses study opaque flat elements. The 2mp camera displays the image on the computer screen.

The MP -450 is the most affordable. A double-action microscope, used to illuminate the sunlight when the mirror is turned up, when the position is changed, the illumination comes from the lamp.

The complete set includes 4 slides with prepared preparations. The object under study is biological materials in the form of sections and smears. The package includes a Barlow lens, which changes the magnification factor.

Levenhuk LabZZ M 101 Lime >– the most stylish. The microscope is made in bright, attractive colors. The optics correspond to the level of traditional models.

The standard set includes 4 additional slides with stickers for marking. The complete set includes all the necessary materials for conducting research. The retractable eyepiece does not require replacement, so there is no risk of losing the glasses.

To avoid fatigue, the tube is tilted by 45 degrees. The sample is placed on a round object table, fixed tightly with clips.

The devices are characterized by an average power. They provide assistance in the study of botany, zoology, biology, chemistry, and physics. The objects of the microcosm are viewed on the monitor, as digital devices are connected via USB to a computer, laptop, or tablet.


The devices are easy to use.



Power supply-network, batteries.

The focus is rough.

The brightness is adjustable.

Number of lenses 3.

Retractable eyepiece.

Magnification to 640×.

Object table 90×90.

Software support.

Touch-sensitive camera.

The resolution is 1600×1200. Positive:

Low power consumption.

A set for experiments.

The child is immersed in the fascinating world of science.

Compact size.

Quick turn on.

Lightweight but durable appliances.

Long-term autonomous operation (about 20,000 hours). Minuses:

A small increase.

Optical elements made of plastic.

Best Instrumental Microscopminuses:

A small increase.

Optical elements made of plastic.

The best tool Microscopescience MTL – 201 is the most professional. The main purpose of the device is a metallographic microscope. It is indispensable in the research of mineralogical, electronic and precision engineering fields.

Among the main advantages: a large object table with adjustable axes, coarse and fine adjustment knobs, a combination of a polarizer and an analyzer.

The purpose of the product is to observe relatively large objects. These are butterflies, insects, crystals, jewelry, small watch mechanisms. Magnification by a hundred times. The volume is formed by separate optical systems for each eye.

Stereo microscopes are used by specialists to obtain the most three-dimensional and clear image of the object. Operations with the elements are carried out directly on the slide table without a cover glass.

The products are stationary, equipped with a mounting system.


Halogen illumination.

Trinocular nozzle.

A subject table with a vernier scale.

The angle of inclination is 30 degrees.

The number of lenses is 5.

Power supply network.


Lighting adjustment.

Convenient U-turn for the user.

The ability to record videos, take photos.

Correction of diopters, interpupillary distance.

High-quality, bright image.


High cost.

Large dimensions.

the newest laser microscope is the best laser microscope. Nanofinder S-3D is the most versatile.

The purpose of the device is research in nanolabs for the analysis of semiconductors, liquid crystals, optical fibers, polymers, pharmaceutical, biological substances, and single molecules.

The advantage of the work is the choice of lasers, the automated structure.

The devices magnify the images of the objects under study due to the diffraction patterns that are formed as a result of the explosion of particles by the photons of the laser beam.

Living tissues are viewed 1 mm deep by means of fluorescence (a physical process, a type of luminescence). The laser is assembled by a system of ordinary and semi-transparent mirrors.

The devices are used in laboratories, but they are not suitable for home use due to the complexity of the operating principle.


Zoom in to 100x.

The height measurement range is 70 mm.

Highly sensitive sensor.

The number of detectors is up to 4.

The scan resolution is 2048×2048.

Electronic control.


A clear, vivid image.

Optical high resolution.

Building a confocal image in real time.

Autofocus, zoom selection.

Simple analysis mode.

The tissue examined by laser photons is practically not destroyed.

High spatial resolution is provided. Minuses:

Expensive optical resources are required.

The beam is absorbed by the water of the tissues.

The best demonstration microscope. Rating:

Celestron is the most modern. The innovative design includes a display instead of a traditional eyepiece. Viewing an image is convenient for one person or a group.

Subjects of research – parts of plants, animals, tissue fibers, bacteria, mold, yeast. METAM LV 32 is the most accurate. It is used in the study of microstructures of metal, alloy, opaque objects in reflected light (light, dark field) and polarized light.

The distinctive elements of the microscope are new lenses without chromatic coloring of the contours, wide-angle eyepieces. The raster lighting system increases the uniform illumination of the object.

Scope of application – metallurgical, machine-building enterprises. The Bresser LCD 50x-2000x is the most secure. The model is characterized by high optics and rich equipment.

It is suitable for demonstration, teaching of schoolchildren and students, professional research of numismatics, philately and other small works. The microscope is protected by a network adapter from voltage drops.

The screen size allows you to conduct research without connecting to another monitor. The image is enlarged, photos and videos are recorded.


The device is equipped with a liquid crystal monitor for observing or exploring objects by a group of users (schoolchildren, students, scientists or other specialists). The demonstration microscope is used in the educational process.



Eyepieces 10x22. 5 mm.

Moving the table 40 longitudinally, 130 transversely.

The maximum load is 3 kg.

Magnification 1500-2000x.

Digital camera of 5 megapixels.

LED lighting.

USB connection. Positive:


Saving the image.

The display is liquid crystal.

Clear color reproduction.

Study of transparent, opaque materials.


High cost.

A small assortment.

The best polarizing microscope. The peculiarity of the technology is to observe on a gray or dark background. The image in question looks sharp and contrasting.

The models are used for medical and industrial purposes (detection of fibers, crystals, testing of semiconductors, voltage points).



The permissible weight is up to 15 kg.

2000x magnification.

Number of lenses 5. lucy  


Modern design.

Available control handles.

A lens without the need for focusing.



There is no connection to the PC. Rating of the best models


Micromed POLAR 3 is the most convenient. The device studies transparent and opaque objects in polarized or ordinary transmitted light. The polarizer rotates 360 degrees, and the analyzer rotates 90 degrees.

The object table is round, rotates, and the corners are fixed. The Bertrand lens system. The image is being photographed.


The Bresser Science ADL-601P is the most equipped. The difference between the model is considered to be a trinocular nozzle at an angle of 30 degrees, which allows you to study and record objects at the same time the results of research.

The lighting is adjusted for the specific needs of the experiment. The Nikon Eclipse E200 POL is the most infinite. A special feature of this model is the new CFI60 optical system, which includes an infinite image construction with a parfocal distance of 60 mm.

This ensures a clear, bright image with a large working distance and numerical apertures. In the process, special lenses are used for observations in transmitted polarized light.


The best technical microscope. The devices are necessary for specialists when performing small, precise repair work, including soldering, cutting tracks on printed circuit boards, searching for microcracks, short circuits, and quality control of work.


Microscopes use any research methods – phase contrast, polarization, fluorescence, dark field.




300x magnification.

The camera is 5 pixels.

The lens is a high-quality lens.

Eyepieces 2 (15, 10x). Positive


Smooth adjustment of the lighting brightness.

Compatible with computer programs.

Antifungal coating.

Wide field of view.

Documenting the results.

Professional tripod.



The tripod mount of some models is shaky.

Software compatibility errors.

Rating of the best models


The DigiMicro Prof USB microscope is the most professional. The built-in camera transmits a clear, crisp magnified image that captures the smallest details.

Photos and videos are transmitted to the computer via a USB connection, and the product is used both with and without a tripod. Options measure distance, areas, angles, and radii.


The Eclipse E200F / E200F LED is the most high – intensity. The device is equipped with a Fly-Eye lens, which guarantees uniform brightness throughout the work area. The color temperature remains constant at any degree of magnification.

The working distance of 60 mm provides access to a huge number of materials under study. The Supereyes B011 USB microscope is the longest – focus. Technical work is easily carried out using this model, since the working distance between the object under study and the lens exceeds the value of any types of microscopes.

At the same time, high-precision operations are performed, without distortion throughout the entire object space with a 500-fold magnification. All data is transmitted and stored on the computer.

The best school microscope with backlight. Products are divided into simple optical and complex digital. Simple devices that do not require prior training are common in the school. They are effective, comfortable, equipped with special limiters, springy frames.




The angle of inclination is 45 degrees.

400x magnification.

Number of lenses 3.

Magnification by the camera up to 2000 times.

Rough, precise cleaning.

Object table 90×90.



Feet - holders of the slide table.

Double illumination at the top and bottom.

LED, halogen illumination.

Simple application.

Wide-field eyepiece.

High-quality optics.

A set for experiments.



A small increase.

Levenhuk Rainbow 2L is the most stylish. A bright, multi-colored device, equipped with the necessary set for breeding microscopic crustaceans. Magnification up to 400×.

With the help of double illumination, transparent and opaque objects are studied.


The robust plastic housing makes the device lightweight. Equipped with a 0.3 MP digital camera, it will save photos and videos of the research process.

Motic SFC-100FL is the most classic. The purpose of the device is to conduct anatomical and geological experiments. The object is enlarged by rotating the revolver head. The diffuser serves to reduce the brightness of the lighting.

Celestron is the most democratic. Double illumination for exploring transparent, opaque elements. Observations are made in real time through an eyepiece or from a computer screen thanks to a digital camera.

The best digital microscope. This group includes functional expensive devices. They transmit the image to the computer monitor, and an additional camera or video camera is connected. Images are saved on a digital medium, where they are corrected.


Modern optical devices that are indispensable for specialists in all fields of science. Thanks to the devices, a detailed analysis of the material and microscopic elements is carried out.


Applications-medicine, chemistry, biology, electronics, materials science.




Magnification up to 2000×.

The object table is 140×155 mm.

The nozzle rotates 360 degrees.

The resolution is 1280×1024.

Magnification up to 650x.

Number of lenses 4. Advantages


Robust construction. Easy setup.

Technological, functional equipment.

Compact products.

Low power consumption.

Wide field of view.

Low eye strain.



They are expensive.

Rating of the best models


The Levenhuk D870T is the most practical. The digital trinocular is suitable for scientific research in the field of medicine, biology, criminology, as well as jewelry work.

The 8-megapixel camera makes visual observations and takes pictures.


The EULER Computer 60DC is the most mobile. The study of the microcosm by means of a camera-an eyepiece that captures video, saves photos and videos. The complete set includes ready-made preparations, a colorful guide.

Measurements are carried out with an accuracy of 1 mm. The mobility of the device is guaranteed by mains or battery power.


Dr Mike is the most unique and presentable. The appearance of the microscope impresses with its originality and style. Technical specifications are also at a decent level. Rich equipment complements the capabilities of the device.





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