Best blood pressure monitors: 7 top models

7 top models of best blood pressure monitors

My grandmother recently turned 90. It holds up perfectly, but age makes itself felt: the main problem is pressure. Measuring it with a mechanical Soviet tonometer is not very convenient, so I decided to look into the issue properly and give the old lady something more modern. Now I am ready to tell you how to choose the right tonometer and which 7 devices can be safely called the best.

What to pay attention to when choosing a blood pressure monitor

Modern devices for accurate pressure measurement are divided into mechanical and electronic. Electronic devices, in turn, are divided into semi-automatic and automatic. Both of them are suitable for home use, as they do not have any special difficulties in handling, so almost anyone can independently measure their own pressure.

When choosing the most suitable device for your home, you need to take into account such factors as:


estimated measurement frequency;

the required accuracy of the readings and the stability of the result;

the need to carry the device with you;

additional parameters: the size of the cuff, the dimensions of the device.

How to choose a blood pressure monitor


Far from the last indicator in choosing the best tonometer is the manufacturer and its recognition. After all, today many pharmacies offer products of unknown brands. Buying such a product, you can run into a low-quality product, the manufacturer of which does not even have a specialized service center. Therefore, it is better to give preference to well-known brands.


The most recognizable manufacturers include: B. Well (Europe), Omron (Japan), A&D (Japan), Little Doctor (Singapore), Beurer (Germany), Microlife (Switzerland), CS Medica (Germany). All of them produce high-quality mechanical and automatic tonometers, but experts advise you to buy models with automatic action for home use, especially if a person has an arrhythmia. This is because many users can not cope with a mechanical tonometer. There was even a study among ordinary people (not doctors) and it turned out that only 25% of them correctly identified the Korotkov tones. But, of course, the choice is always left to the person who came to the pharmacy for the device.


Before you buy a reliable blood pressure monitor, you need to study such factors as:


The type of tonometer is electronic or mechanical, wrist or shoulder, there are also mini-models where the mount is designed for the finger.

Type of cuff – a cuff on the wrist or a cuff on the shoulder. Here, the size of the canvas is very important: with a very thin or dense arm, the shoulder cuff may not fit (you should always check this indicator in the store, since all models have different retainers).

Quality of materials-The supercharger bulb must be made of elastic rubber to prevent the surface from cracking. The cuffs are made of cotton or high-quality nylon.

The method of power supply – from batteries or from the mains.

The presence of additional functions – the memory of readings, the function of accurate intelligent measurement, automatic calculation of the average pressure indicator, arrhythmia diagnostics, alarm timers, battery saving, and much more.

Availability and terms of warranty and full service - all well-known manufacturers give a full warranty for their products for a period of 3 to 10 years.

Additional functions of the measuring device


Any modern automatic tonometer is equipped with one or more additional functions. Intelligent pressure measurement turned out to be a very necessary function. It is necessary for those who suffer from arrhythmia. The device itself analyzes the pulse wave, selecting a fragment only with a stable pulsation to give the most accurate result.


Equally important are functions such as:


MAM technology-provides an average value for accurate analysis of 3 consecutive measurements.

PAD technology-accurately diagnoses heart rate arrhythmias.

Diagnostic functions-determines the risk of arrhythmia.

Features such as the built-in calendar and clock proved to be redundant for many users.


Any tonometer must have a special check mark in the instructions, and the corresponding stamp in the warranty card.


How to measure pressure correctly


After weighing many factors before you buy a good tonometer, you also need to learn how to measure pressure, that is, to adhere to certain rules, namely:


do not measure pressure during or after stress, or after any physical activity;

do not hold a mobile phone during the procedure;

perform the procedure only in a sitting position (in some cases, lying down is allowed), and that the measured area is at the level of the heart;

do not drink coffee or green tea an hour before the procedure, otherwise the indicators will not be accurate;

empty the bladder, as this affects the value of the lower indicator;

when fixing the cuff, do not squeeze the hand – it should be applied as comfortably as possible.

Top 7 blood pressure monitors


The rating includes automatic tonometers Omron, mechanical (semi-automatic), and budget up to 2000 rubles.


Best Omron Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors


1. Omron M2 Classic

A fully automated blood pressure monitor that can do a lot, if not everything. The device is able not only to detect blood pressure, but also, thanks to the patented intelligent measurement technology IntelliSense, to diagnose arrhythmias and other heart rhythm disturbances. The main advantage of this device is the sensitive and reliable measurement mechanisms: starting from the Japanese pressure sensor, ending with the indicator of the correct fixation of the cuff. The measurement results can be tracked using the proprietary OMRON connect smartphone app. The device's memory stores information about the last 60 measurements. The device is powered by four AA batteries and provides a pressure measurement error of 3 mm Hg, and a pulse rate of 5%. 2. Omron M3 Expert series HEM-7132-ALRU. Fully automated shoulder tonometer of the new generation. The accuracy of the indicators with an error of 3 mm Hg, which is the minimum value for determining blood pressure. The tonometer is packed to the brim with new features, although half of them are definitely not useful for most users.


The manufacturer has even built in a motion sensor to alert the patient to unwanted actions during the procedure. Whether this function is needed in reality is up to the buyer to decide. Another function, which we did not find analogues, is the light indicator of the exact fixation of the cuff. If the patient has correctly secured the cuff, a special light bulb lights up. Users note that this is a convenient innovation, since thanks to the correct fixation, the most accurate indicators are obtained.

3. Omron RS2 Blood pressure Monitor

Tonometer for mounting on the wrist (cuff 13.5-21.5 cm) automatic action. It works quickly, and displays data on a separate screen. The device has almost all the additional features available, including the latest intelligent control system IntelliSense. The downside is the rapid discharge of the batteries, although the manufacturer claims about 500 measurements. 4. Omron M2 Basic series HEM-7121-ARU Omron M2-automatic shoulder tonometer, which comes with a power adapter. The manufacturer took care of the users and built in an advanced automatic system that fully controls the pressure measurement process. A special feature of the device is the Omron Connect function, with which you can transfer measurement data to your smartphone. To do this, just download the app and point the camera at the tonometer screen. The function is useful for accurate tracking of readings. Budget models up to 2,000 rubles


5. B.Well PRO-33 ML. Shoulder tonometer B.Well PRO 33 automatic type with a cuff (girth from 22 to 42 cm). It works both from batteries and from the power supply, which, by the way, is not included in the kit. The device has a minimum of functions, so it is perfect for the elderly. The control of the tonometer is intuitive, especially since there is only one button on the case. Of the minuses, you can note a hard cuff made of unpleasant material.

The best mechanical (semi-automatic) tonometers 6. CS Medica CS-106. A mechanical shoulder tonometer that is considered accurate enough when used correctly. The kit includes a specialized phonendoscope, with which you can additionally listen to the lungs. The cuff model (24-42 cm) has an increased size,but if you do not like this one, then you can change it to a different type of cuff. Users adequately evaluate the classic model of the tonometer, but there are small errors in the indicators.

7. Little Doctor LD12 Automatic wrist tonometer, the size of the cuff of which is adjustable in the range from 13 to 21 cm. It is powered by two AAA batteries. It is able to measure not only blood pressure, but also pulse, and also determine the presence of arrhythmia. The error of measuring the pressure does not exceed 5%, and the pulse is 3 mm Hg. The device remembers the latest results automatically: the memory is enough for 90 measurements, and it can be divided into two users. The screen is informative, high-contrast and with large numbers — the most suitable for older users.



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