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Another dubious "broker" - steals from users who eventually decide to try their forces in trading. Real reviews say that the resource is a scam. Well, let's examine the project - come to a specific conclusion. So, the project started working not so long ago - in February 2019. However, the domain was registered back in March 2016. The site is silent about the "seniority" of the project.

For some (unknown) reasons, the domain "drifted" for three years. Meanwhile, the Born to trade project and/or Born to Trade invites inexperienced traders, offering "favorable" conditions for cooperation. The minimum deposit is $100, the rate is $1. Pay attention to the fact that the project has no documentation. The site presents a "certificate" allegedly issued by the organization CCRFM.

The document seems to be issued by the "head of the commission" of CCRFM - Anthony Shroud. However, the project is blatantly false. First, there is no such organization. Second, there is no "Anthony Shroud. Result: the document presented is a forgery/fake/fake. This is not the only argument for fraud on There is not a single real document (e.g., a license to operate in the RF) on the site.

"Address: ⴸеllаmο Holdіngs Conр., Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Ꮇajuro, Marschal Islands MH96960, Managed by International Market Seervices LTD, Рrеvеzis, 13 1st floor, Flat/Office 101 1065, Nicosia, Suruс" (c). The website has the "address" (see above). However, this "address" does not belong to the Born to trade scam. It is important to note that the boffin has many clones.

There is a "regulation" on the site, which is more like a copied contract from other brokers. In general, the regulation says: "Withdrawal of funds to the bank account may take up to 10 (ten) working days, due to additional verification of the operation by the bank security service and the provision of documentation from the Client" (c). That is, you will wait 10 days for the withdrawal.

The Company shall not be liable for any losses, liabilities or expenses caused or incurred by the Client as a result of using the Services described in this Agreement" (c). This is the "cherry on top of the cake. Actually, there is nothing to add here. Perhaps I should remind you once again about the negative reviews, of which there are many about the fraudulent project Born to trade and/or Born to Trade!

Any amount less than 100 units in the currency of the Client's account is not available for withdrawal" (c). This is another point, which indicates a clear problem with the withdrawal of money. Well, the project does not differ much from the mass of "black brokers", which have nothing to do with the markets / exchanges. Naturally, there will be no possibility for you to work/trade on this site. Deposits will go to the scammer.

You should not doubt the unfairness of the "Bourne To Trade" project. Too many facts indicate that the project is a scam. Thus, we do not recommend you to cooperate with the project Pay attention to the projects listed above. They are clones of a scam. You may also lose money if you encounter these projects. For the future: check the projects with us - visit our website regularly!


Born to trade and / or "Born to Trade" is an outright LOGOUT!


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