European stock exchanges are mostly moderately declining

Decline of the European Stock Exchange

European stock exchanges mostly declined slightly on Friday, while falling oil prices led to cheaper shares of energy sector companies, while the German market, due to its specifics, was not exposed to the general trend, according to trading data.
As of 12.39, the British FTSE 100 index is down 0.33%, to 7447.02 points, the French CAC 40 is down 0.09%, to 6550.15 points: the German DAX is up 0.06%, to 14291.32 points.

Meanwhile, world oil prices are falling by more than 2%, and shares of British BP are falling by 2%, Shell - by more than 1%, French TotalEnergies - by 1.6%. The fall in the value of the shares of energy companies led to a general drop in the indices.
At the same time, the German stock market, due to the absence of a powerful oil and gas segment, is immune to this trend. And even negative macrostatistics did not prevent him from growing.

Thus, the IFO research Institute reported that the index of economic expectations in the country fell to 85.1 from 98.4 points in February. This decline has become even more dramatic than in March 2020, when the story of a new coronavirus from China broke out. In addition, the head of the institute noted that "difficult times are ahead for companies in Germany." In addition, the business climate index in Germany fell to 90.8 points from 98.5 points, and the current economic situation - to 97 points from 98.6 points.

Immediately after the publication of these data, the DAX index moved from growth to decline, but soon began to return to the "green" zone, albeit uncertainly.


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