Ep Bionic: review and real reviews

Ep Bionic reviews

Ep Bionic is an investment project where everyone can invest their own money for further automatic earnings. Only at once the question arises, but is it worth trusting such beautiful promises.

The idea is that today, any user with minimal knowledge of the Internet is able to create his own "investment project". By investing a minimal amount, a person will receive exactly the same site, where he can easily promise visitors a huge automatic income. After that he will be able to collect a decent amount from the project participants, and then successfully go bankrupt, as everybody does. Because of this, we wanted to take a detailed look at Ep Bionic, to see his true face.

Browsing the site of the investment project, it is not possible to find at least a minimum of information about the principles of making money, the legend or the name of the creator. There is a question, why the administration prefers to adhere to absolute anonymity?

Officially, the site stated that there are no special principles. Earnings are made entirely in automatic mode, without any user intervention. To do this, you only need to replenish your own internal account with any desired amount, and then the interest will come every day, which is then instantly withdrawable to the bank cards and all kinds of electronic purses.
Assessment of honesty should begin with a search for legal data, which does not exist. It seems that participants are offered automatic earnings, but there is no data on the developers of a unique system, or where the money is transferred when depositing into an internal account. At first glance it is clear that we are faced with yet another fake, which means that everyone is just giving their own money to fraudsters and there is no way to get it back or to recoup the investment.

However, there is a user agreement, where it is written in black and white that the administration is not going to return any money. Or rather, the participants themselves invest the amount they are willing to lose. It turns out that in reality this investment project is more like a traditional pyramid scheme.

A standard scam, where people are fully confident that they are investing in a real company, and then the deceivers will just disappear with all the money. And there is no way to get it back, because every time the money is transferred to an anonymous bank account.

Searching the Internet, it is easy to see the real reviews. They say that users invested 1000 rubles, and then they withdrew a maximum of 100. In this case, the administration completely ignores any messages, freezes the internal account. It is impossible to prove anything, and the reason for blocking remains unknown, which is quite expected.
Ep Bionic - another financial pyramid. No matter how much money a person invests, he will see an increase in the internal account, but he will never be able to withdraw this money. Accordingly, such a transfer instantly turns into a serious mistake for the person.


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