When it is impossible to trade

Forex trading - an overview of situations when it is impossible

 Many people are sure that the "right" strategy brings money in any period of the market. She should not care about the flat and the trend, and even the news

That's just among the "confident" I have never met someone who will show the same confident stat.

It's silly to say that the trend algorithm will feel great in the price channel. And a robot on a martingale will easily transfer the "recoilless".

IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND that the market is always in one of 3 phases:

Impulse trend (the price "spits" on the levels)

Trend within a wide channel

Lateral movement in the consolidation channel

If you learn how to determine the market phase, you will be able to adapt your algorithm for earnings. I call it "market content", you could come up with your own name — the meaning does not change.

I recommend using the strategy that best suits the current market content.

The trend strategy is suitable during the period of a wide trend channel (Wallet, ALFIK, TOK 6.0)

Range breakdown strategies are ideal for an impulse trend (Wallet and TOK 6.0)

Scalping and martingale with averaging (Pulse Hunter 2.0 and ALFIK) will be the best choice for the market in consolidation

There is an opinion that trading in December, January and June is more dangerous than in other months. In my opinion, only for those who hardly make 15% a year. The point, as you understand, is to use a set of strategies for trading in different markets.

How much did our systems earn in a quarter?

In fact, trading is simple. It is enough to ask yourself the question: "What do I have at a distance". This is the main indicator in trading.

You can do 100% a week, but what's the use? If in the end - the discharge of the depot is guaranteed

In private chats, we had guys who tried to do more and faster. They showed up to 300% per month and this "shit" in the head of the rest. How I hated it! But, what will you do when they generate activity in chats?

This is always discussed better than reliability. This is listened to by "dummies", and after they can still be sold and "signals"As a result, the guys assembled their channel from my own clients and gave them their mega-signals. For today, the channel has been cleaned up, and the authors have disappeared

Why is this happening?

Were they trying to cheat? Definitely not! Everyone in this field wants to do better than others. Then it will earn more. But, it didn't work out

You can love me or hate me, but what I know for sure is that my work is aimed at your stability. And yes, it's not 100% per day. And I'm not going to wipe your "snot", but I know what you have to do so as not to end up like these "gurus". And it's boring

I promise you that I will protect you from the influence of fools. Even if you will be offended that I don't give you or another word. I don't know how to be friends with you. Communication is not my strong suit. But that's not your goal at all, is it?


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