Keller Financial works honestly

How Forex Broker Keller Financial Works

It is not uncommon to see forex broker scams on financial exchanges. They create websites with similar functionality, tell you about different ways to make quick money, and impose unnecessary services. Acting aggressively, exerting maximum pressure. Usually, there is no documentation. If the broker cannot prove the legitimacy of his activities, then he is working dishonestly.
Keller Financial legit and is not a scam company. It is a licensed company, with an official website and over 1,000 satisfied customers. The investors include quite big players, plus there are testimonials confirming the reliability of the service.
The online platform is convenient. There are no hidden payments, unclear terms, or "cold calls". No one pressurizes or calls offering dubious options for cooperation. All terms are in the contract, and clients are informed in writing. There are several tariffs and training accounts. Every client is a priority.
Keller Financial legit does not work through third-party services. Transfers are only made via payment systems. Transferring funds to employees' bank details are not allowed

How does the broker forex scammer work?

Fraudsters often use "cold calls" and aggressive advertising. They do not have an official account, so transfer of funds is requested to a bank card. The main features of an unreliable company:

Scammers usually choose a crude, informal form of communication.

How does the honest broker Keller Financial work?

The company has an official website. A secure connection and modern software are used. Each client has access to a practice account and training materials. The training is free. There are no empty promises or exorbitant sums. Users are informed of the risks. There is a multilingual support team. All employees are extremely courteous and polite. Communication is in a businesslike tone.
Managers do not impose anything. There are tax consultation and trading signals. The company is also involved in compiling a financial portfolio.
Keller Financial offers clear, transparent terms and conditions. All the information you need can be found on the website. There, terminals are also available for download. For smartphone betting an app is available. Calling Keller Financial is easy. All the numbers are in a special section.

The quality control department and its responsibilities

The Keller Financial quality control department consists of 150 people. The activity is primarily aimed at ensuring that the support service works smoothly. Participates in the formation of reporting and analytical data. Responsible for service standards and quality improvements. That's what else it specializes in:

There is a strict framework in place. But it is this approach that has resulted in a competent, reliable customer service. Is Keller Financial scam? No, because the company operates legally.

Attitudes towards clients

The company offers free training. There is a demo account for practicing your skills. Fees are available to choose from. Tax advice is available. The broker also helps in compiling a financial portfolio. It always informs about the risks and does not make empty promises.
Keller Financial is a good broker because, for them, customers come first. All requests are considered on an individual basis. Strategies are applied after agreement with the user. There is a set of Forex tools.


Reviews of Forex brokers can help you decide which one to choose. After studying them carefully, you can be sure that the company operates honestly. The website is simple and straightforward and the terms and conditions are as transparent as possible. There is a support service, Forex tools, and other "bonuses" for working on the exchange.


Question: - Is Keller Financial fraud?

Answer: No, because Keller Financial is a SWIFT affiliate, which means that it is not only a reliable company but also a company of high status.

Question: What should I do if I have some difficulties?

The answer: - The fixed contact details for customer support are mentioned above and can also be found on the company's website.

Question: - Should to trust the broker scam list?

Answer: - The so-called broker black lists are nothing but an unfair method of competition, therefore one should not trust a knowingly false and biased point of view.


Comments (19)
Gilbert Ortiz

I read your review on Keller Finance Limited and decided to give it a try. First impressions are good. Wish me luck! :)

Greg Singleton

Still, the training program at Keller Finance Limited leaves a lot to be desired. They give a lot of information which is already available in all free sources.

Adam Fuller

I think your review of Keller Finance Ltd is not quite complete. Still, you can't write about a broker without working with it for at least a month.

Elizabeth Thompson

I don't understand why you do it? Do you seriously think that there are not enough brokers in the world? Keller Finance Limited might not be bad, at least the review hints at it. But why invest in someone who won't stand up to the competition anyway?

Melissa Hudson

The year is 2022...pandemic, wars...and a new broker, Keller Finance Limited. I regret wasting my time with you.

Helen Williams

Thanks for the review! Do you think Keller Finance Ltd can be classified as an LGBT friendly company?

Norman Hill

After reading your review, I get the feeling that Keller Finance Limited is almost perfect for newcomers. Very doubtful.

Payne Winfred

keller finance limited, in my opinion the most reliable and friendly broker. Because she worked up to this point with another broker, "known and reliable." But it did not go. I call in those. Support, but they cannot really explain anything. It was the same with other brokers. Some have unprepared specialists in the Call Center who will not be able to help you if you have problems. And with keller finance limited in a year and a half I had no problems at all.

James Duane

Often changing swap in the negative direction, although in keller finance limited the technical support is class. There is where to seek and grow.

Montgomery Charles

Thank you keller finance limited for a cool platform! I advise everyone to try! Quick withdrawal and entry of funds and execution of orders. Convenient trading conditions. I am very pleased with the trade.

Morton Stephen

I have been trading for keller finance limited for a long time, there are no complaints to the service itself. All conditions are transparent and in the public domain. It seems to me that those who did not get acquainted normally familiarized me and nothing to understand, but now the guilty one needs to be found ...

Don Stanley

I have tried several brokers for many years, and Keller Ltd is my preferred broker for trading in the Forex market. I strongly recommend traders to try the market for better experience in trading and maximizing your profit based on the following aspects: 1) the safety of our funds. Trade with a broker with strict regulation gives traders emotional calm. All funds are stored on a segregated customer's trust account. 2) Low cost of trade. This is the cheapest trading broker with which I have ever traded, which offers a credit shoulder up to 1: 500. Saving on transaction commissions, my profit from the lot is maximum. And this is their main mission, to reduce the cost of trade. We cannot control the market, but we can control how much we pay brokers. 3) friendly and quick customer service. I contacted them about the emergency financing at midnight, their support service in chat answered quickly and immediately contacted their technical team. Email support is also very prompt and effective: in my personal experience, my emails are answered the next working day. 4) Convenient and easy to use the interface in the client region.

Leroy Luna

Not often you will find a broker who offers excellent customer service, but has low costs associated with trade. Until now, I believe that I have found a hidden pearl, over the past 10 years of trade, I, to put it mildly, have been in the region of the quarter several times. Along the way, I ran into some unsuccessful brokers, Keller Ltd seemed to take the best of all brokers and united in one place. They are still very new in the market, so time will tell, but for several months I have been there 5 stars and higher. The team was ready to answer any issues related to trade, the introduction of funds was never a problem, the withdrawal of funds did not cause problems within 48 hours (removal of funds can usually be stumbling up for some brokers, so I would like to check it out at an early stage) . The main thing for me is that I am a daytime trader, so the costs are very important, make sure that you know exactly how much you pay, because most brokers do not really offer what they say what they are doing. I managed several accounts and tracked the costs, let's say, Keller Ltd came out a clear winner. If you want to reduce costs and save an excellent service, then it is definitely worth a try.

Danny Harvey

I like to stay restrained, and I do not want my information to distribute to financial institutions and the Internet, and this broker - Keller Ltd is a place for me, because of this. I was with the broker for some time, I trade in a real account and constant withdrawal / transactions with them, and we never had to exchange details. There are no trading limits and restrictions, not that I brought my account to the limit, because I am not inclined to risk, but it can be good for the day when I want to shoot at the sky, I know that I will not have a roof so that I will not have a roof to Stop me. Low commissioned by the broker, which is an advantage for traders with large volumes, and if you are in the market and outside the market, making several orders, this will positively affect your general transaction costs. The removal of funds is manually processed, so usually their processing takes up to one working day, but in general I would say that this is a good broker. And rely on him and entrust your money to earn more.

Miguel Garza

On the brokerage account and convenient and reliable. And since I invest in different places, the probability of staying in the plus is much larger, since one direction will definitely go. I decided to write my review about Forex markets and about the Keller Ltd broker in particular. I lay out everything as it is, in other words - I distribute all my capital. Most of my investments in the stock market. And most of the brokerage portfolio in Keller Ltd are still in currencies. While the course is profitable, I buy to the maximum. The exchange rate, not in any exchanger, bank, is so profitable to buy. A huge plus that you do not have to think where to store cash and the safety of money. Now I’m starting to buy shares, for the most part European and Asian to Hong Kong dollars with the Hong Kong Exchange (for diversity/diversification). If in one word it was possible to characterize the Keller Ltd broker, then I would choose a “broker of opportunities”. As a Client Forex, a broker is satisfied, and my logical thinking helps to think and make correct and profitable decisions himself effectively.

William Harris

In terms of functionality and services, I will leave everything without long comments. Forex broker Keller Ltd is quite simple, usually it works as it should be without any complaints, their customer service at the highest level. They are simply ready to help you immediately if you have any problems, and they will provide you with a solution in a timely manner. For a long time I searched for good brokers or at least one reliable and good. I tried other brokers, etc. And he found that Keller Ltd offers the best spread and the lowest commission. But I evaluate not only on the basis of spread and commission. I also tried to withdraw funds, especially through the local bank transfer, the exchange rate of the currency is good, and the withdrawal of funds occurs quickly, for example, within 24 hours. The withdrawal of funds to a debit card is also carried out within 5 business days, which is not bad for me. As in the case of making a deposit, a reliable broker should have the opportunity to withdraw by any means. The most common is bank transfer. But in some parts of the world it is difficult to use it. Therefore, they choose a broker with a wide variety of ways to withdraw earnings - bank cards, electronic wallets.

Kenneth Jones

It is amazing how interesting it can be trading in the forex market. But, of course, certain factors play an important role here. I am sure that Keller Ltd and in the future will pleasantly surprise its customers. All these services and many other services from the broker allow you to significantly save time and allow you to organize their work with maximum comfort and efficiency. For example, the ability to trade, an understanding of what is generally happening on the market and, of course, the conditions of your broker. If I were asked to write Keller Ltd to a review, I would write. I already have a little experience and this is a plus for me. Largely due to the formation that the Keller Ltd broker gives. For example, webinars, seminars, videos, trading strategies, courses. All this, along with a demo, can help anyone who wants to take the first step in trading. There are other numerous things that I could list about my experience. In general, if you consider this broker, I highly recommend this company. Open the account in Keller Ltd and start earning, having only a few dollars on the account. Any broker has the right to charge a commission from the user for the provision of their services. Money is held for a spread or a transaction. The spread is the difference in the cost of foreign currency pairs. At the same time, both long and short positions take into account. The smaller it is, the better. Replenishment of the account in any way convenient for you! Earn with the recognized leader of the Keller Ltd market.

Bryan Hicks

Undoubtedly, Forex Broker Keller Ltd is the best. It was a simple registration process, the transaction value is the lowest that I have ever seen, and I made a short conclusion, and it was processed quickly. Last week, I registered with several brokers to test them all and see which one gave me the best general process of registration, price, input and withdrawal rate, as well as an internal area with available tools. The main functions that I really like is that I can switch the credit shoulder myself back and forth, without contacting them, I can also use their convenient calculator to see the cost of the transaction in Pips. Credit shoulder and margin - both terms relate to lending by a broker. The credit shoulder allows the client to borrow finance. Marge - funds that were already borrowed from the broker. Oddly enough, but you need to get a loan from a broker in any case. Even having on the account, for example, 10,000 dollars, per day, when the rate changes in the right direction by 30 points, the client will work only $ 7. The credit shoulder allows you to receive more income if there is a much smaller amount on the account. There are other numerous things that I could list about my experience. Open the account in Keller Ltd and start earning, having only a few dollars on the account. Replenishment of the account in any way convenient for you! In general, if you consider this broker, I highly recommend this company. Earn with the recognized leader of the Keller Ltd market.

Jason Bennett

Most reliable companies will offer two types of accounts - professional and standard. In the first case, they are held by an unchanging or changing spread. In the second - the minimum spread and the permanent commission. Accordingly, for a beginner who only takes the first steps in trade, it is better to choose a standard account. But, if the user is ready to immediately invest a large amount, then the professional option is better. The bonuses of the Keller LTD broker are small, but there are a lot of bonus programs and you can participate in several bonus programs at once, if time permits and you can combine them. And there are constant loyalty programs. For this, the great human thanks to Keller Ltd employees. The very good speed of the opening of orders, sometimes they solve seconds, and I have never had to complain about the broker for the fact that the price was gone, and the warrant was not fulfilled. I am sure that in the future the company will be pleasantly surprising its customers. All these services and many other services from the broker allow you to significantly save time and allow you to organize their work with maximum comfort and efficiency. I already have a little experience. Largely due to the formation of the Broker Keller Ltd.

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