Keller Ltd - an overview. Conditions and services of a broker.

In brief: Keller Ltd review.

To begin with, finding a broker is really easy these days. It is much more difficult to find out whether it is the broker you need or it is better to stay away from this particular company. Each of them pretends to be the best in the market, of course. Seriously, if you ever find the ad saying “just an average broker” or something like that, please let us know and we will register with it immediately, just to check what is so special about this company. Sometimes the trading itself seems to be a bit easier than finding the right forex broker. Well, it is a joke, of course.

But there are parameters critical for making the right choice, and we are going to show you this whole process on a specific example. So please feel free to use this review of Keller Ltd as of 2022 as some kind of a guide or a checklist.

The very beginning

How do we get the first impression of the company? An ad (or a link sent by somebody we trust enough to click it) leads us to Keller Ltd official website. First impression really matters in this case. We are not about design or colors gamma (unless the website looks like your neighbor’s kid designed it). Everything should work fine just as we expect it to work. Scammers can be identified by minor faults like unclickable links, errors, empty pages and sections and other dirty little things. You see, they are always in a hurry and just don’t have enough time at least to try making everything look normal.

In case with Keller Ltd everything looks OK. The design may seem a bit laconic though, but we are not evaluating a creative agency website, remember? Links are working, there is enough data on various aspects of the company’s activities, the terms and conditions are quite clear. We can find all the general information we need for the start, and this is the thing that matters. May be even too much of general information for experienced users, but beginners would most likely appreciate it.

The mobile application of its own brings another point to Keller Ltd, though so far it is out of the scope of our investigation. We are here for other reasons, you know. It is more important to find whether the company is worth dealing with on this stage.

The quick tour around the website of forex broker Keller Ltd haven’t brought us any critical things or warning signs, which is good. So it is the right time to go to level 2. Let’s see what exactly the company offers and whether its offer fits us.

Facts and figures, figures and facts

We are here to open an account, aren’t we? So let’s see what account types Keller Ltd has prepared for us (see table below). Another useful tip – scammers using hit-and-run tactics usually propose the bigger size of minimal deposits, and the minimal deposit with Keller Ltd is just EUR100. That’s something very close to the market’s average, which is a good sign.

On the other hand, forex broker Keller Ltd offers trading with other asset types, too. But this opportunity exists only for accounts of higher class. We can’t judge whether it is right or not, but testing various assets could be interesting for beginners, too. Another thing, which looks a bit unfair, is the gap between the minimal deposit of Beginner account and the next one, Silver. EUR100 is not a big deal, of course, but to deposit EUR2,500 is something different. Not all traders are millionaires, most of you know that yourselves.

There is also another interesting fact – fixed and floating spreads for all types of accounts with forex broker Keller Ltd. Forex veterans most likely noticed it themselves, but here’s a little remark for beginners – either/or situation is much better than spread of just one type. Each of them has its pros and cons depending on the market conditions, liquidity, time of the day etc. It is a case of habit, after all, but having a choice is much better than having just one type with no alternative.


Account type






Minimal deposit in EUR






Assets available

9 major currencies

2 types of assets

3 types of assets

4 types of assets

4 types of assets

Other options

- Get Started,

- More than 25 tools available,

- personal account manager,

3 insured trades;

-fixed/floating spreads.


- Get started,

- More than 50 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- micro-lot trading,

- company landing,

4 insured trades,

- fixed/floating spreads.



- Get started,

- More than 200 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- company landing,

- account insurance,

- 5 insured trades,

- micro-lot trading,

- fixed/floating spreads.


- Get started,

- More than 250 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- company landing,

- 10 insured trades,

- mentor training program,

- fixed/floating spreads,

- 50% bonus,

- account insurance,

- Group of signals for contracts.

- Get started,

- More than 300 tools available,

- personal account manager,

- company landing,

- 15 insured trades,

- 70% bonus,

- аccess to company reserve fund,

- group of signals for insured contracts,

- Fixed / floating spreads,

- Personal analyst,

- account insurance.


Avoiding the money issues

After we found out everything we needed to know about accounts, there is another milestone – methods of payment. Yet another tip – fraudsters like some exotic means of payment, making it extremely complicated and long process for an average user. So typical red flags are strange methods of payment and long terms of money transfer.

Forex broker Keller Ltd suggests nothing extravagant in this regard. Bank transfers, Visa and MasterCard, CashU – a bit old-fashioned but reliable set of payment methods. The terms are also quite old-fashioned, but not too much. Up to 2 days since the withdrawal request is filed is not the longest term to find in the market.

By the way, speaking about withdrawal terms. It would be wiser to complete the full registration at once. You will still need to verify your account before withdrawing any funds from it. And this procedure alone may take some additional time. Or you can start just as soon as the initial registration is complete, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

A look from another angle

It seems like we are ready to start trading but there is one more thing to do to complete our check of forex broker Keller Ltd. As any other company these days it has some history of its own which can be easily found on the web. Black lists, complaints of angry clients or fired employees, fraud schemes, user reviews of Keller Ltd – these are the things we are talking about.

However, Internet is the place where you can find almost anything and even more. Including elements of black PR paid by competitors – yes, this is how the competition between brokers looks like. So it is better to pay attention to facts first. Anybody can be called a scammer, but it doesn’t mean anything special unless it is accompanied with facts. We did not find many negative reviews of Keller Ltd online as for now, but everything changes really fast. We can not guarantee that one of its opponents won’t launch online black PR campaign, say, tomorrow or next week. This is the factor to bear in mind.

So if you come across some disturbing information regarding Keller Ltd online, just follow the rule of sticking to facts. For example, the claim “Company X doesn’t pay” (or, even better, “doesn’t let earning”) is not worth much as it is without any proofs and details. But if somebody says “Company X doesn’t let to withdraw funds from the account within the specified term of Y days”, and it is confirmed by some details, copies of the letters or screenshots – that may mean something and is worth further investigation.

The same rule also works with positive feedback. If you see some reviews calling Keller Ltd is the best broker for low-cost trading – look whether this statement has some proofs or explanations accompanying it.

Summarizing it all

Now we finally have gathered enough information to make some conclusions regarding forex broker Keller Ltd. Let’s try to separate pros and cons to see what we have (yes, that favorite thing of various coaches, but it really works). There are some weak points about Keller Ltd as our investment partner:

But there also advantages, and even more of them, if we are weighing the opportunity of investments with Keller Ltd:

Having these things lined up and taking into account the absence of critical reviews of Keller Ltd on the web, the conclusion seems to be obvious. The company looks like and most likely is quite a reliable partner to deal with. There are some disadvantages, of course, but none of them is significant or can’t be fixed. Hopefully, our review of Keller Ltd as of 2022 is worth your time spent on reading it and will help saving your time (and nerve cells) in future.



Comments (8)
Charles Crawford

Decided to try Keller Finance Ltd and sent them my first $500. Tomorrow I start trading. Wish me luck!

Wayne Hoffman

If you wanted to convince me to cooperate with Keller Finance Limited, congratulations! You succeeded. ;)

Edward Snyder

I am planning to try to work with Keller Finance Limited, could you tell me if they have any temporary, special offers?

Martha Martin

I have not seen in your review of Keller Finance Limited, information about the possibility to trade on forex without investing. Is there one?

Danny Thompson

Does Keller Finance Ltd do any free giveaways for trading or anything like that?

Ralph Barrett

I want to start trading forex, but start with a smaller amount, like $50. Does Keller Finance Limited have any offers for this case?

Michael Sims

It seems to me that Keller Finance Limited doesn't have a flexible enough plan.

Eric Gonzales

If you are left in deficit after closing a trade, don't rush to blame your broker for it. It's normal to lose money while trading Forex. Everything depends on you: on your experience and endurance. I strongly recommend you to work on your mistakes, sort out your own actions and find out where you have made mistakes, so that you do not make the same mistakes in the future and accuse the broker of fraud.

Keller Ltd - an overview. Conditions and services of a broker.

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