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An overview of the conditions of Marwick Investments Limited Forex broker for a successful start in trading.

Is it profitable to cooperate with brokers to trade online? Why do intermediaries in the stock market at all? Is it dangerous to invest money? All these questions worry everyone who thinks about making money by investing in currencies and stocks. I will try to answer these questions as honestly as possible.

To provide examples, we took the website of Marwick Investments Limited. The broker has been on the market for five years, which is a lot for such an area and speaks of the reliability of the intermediary. In addition, has very interesting client portfolios.

Company address and contacts:

Why do we need intermediaries in the stock market? An easy way to get into Forex from Marwick Investments Limited

It's not just about the stock market, but about trading on the Internet. That is, there is a market, its quotes can be viewed on the websites of market sites, but you can become a participant only if you have the necessary software. This software is offered by the broker Marwick Investments Limited, for example, it makes it possible to trade through the terminal online (this is the most common method), but there is also the option of installing the platform on the client's computer. Then the programs are downloaded to the hard drive, some of them always remain offline, and the software that is needed at a particular moment is connected to the online mode (for example, to legitimize a purchase/sale transaction).

You can install the terminal on the site:

There is also a version for the phone below. It gives access to the market, allows you to correspond with the account manager of the account, receive signals, and also make changes in your client cabinet. But full-fledged trading requires connecting a terminal, either a web version or a desktop version. Therefore, customers prefer to choose one of them, and the application on the phone is used to monitor the situation on the market at any time.

Not only "technique". Brokers provide a terminal for accessing the market, but also give recommendations. Initially, brokers did just that (when there were no Internet sites yet) - they advised clients to invest in certain stocks in order to make a profit. This function remains with them, only advice is now legally referred to as recommendations, and the final decision still remains with the client (and the main responsibility is on him).

As a result, it is simply impossible to engage in online trading without a broker.

What else does a broker do?

Offers account plans that allow you to earn and use terminals with the greatest benefit for all parties. Forex broker Marwick Investments Limited forms tariffs in such a way that clients have several options for investing, not only in Forex currencies, but also in assets in the raw materials market, cryptocurrencies, indices and stocks.

The three basic rates of the company are calculated on shares of US companies, shares of other companies around the world (see the list), as well as foreign currency investments. But the client can expand his portfolio. The recommended percentages are based on the economic outlook for the next few months. The description of the tariffs indicates the projected profit, the possible fall in prices (and losses), the investment periods that are optimal for such a portfolio. For clients, there is a limit only in the amounts that are used for investments. The share price starts from 100 euros.

To become a client of a broker, you need to go through registration and verification, select a tariff, open and replenish an account. And then install a platform for yourself, using the prompts of your manager.

Is it dangerous to invest money?

Any investment carries certain risks, but much depends on the chosen asset. Shares of Coca-Cola companies (or Facebook, Nike, Amazon, etc.) are much less likely to significantly lose value compared to the value of some currencies. But in order to invest in a more promising asset, you need to have initial capital. For example, to buy a very profitable bitcoin, you need to start with an amount of about 30 thousand euros.

All other risks, except for market ones, are covered by the company with the help of special anti-fraud measures, as well as personal data protection programs. You can see the list of company documents that describe these measures on its website.


Marwick Investments Limited broker offers favorable conditions even for those who enter the stock market for the first time. You can start with minimal amounts, and reduce risks through a properly distributed investment portfolio.

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