New Income - reviews of an old scam

New Income reviews

The company New Income, which allegedly trades cryptocurrencies since 2015, but in fact is an old scam with appropriate reviews.

Despite the fact that people have long ago unmasked this particular project, it continues to constantly revive, so that the persistence of crooks can only be surprised. And now, the scammers have posted on the network just two sites with the same scam, which is experiencing another reincarnation. Of course, he does not help, because he will work a limited period of time, less than a month, one hundred percent. The only thing they do here is to trick people. For no other purpose, this project was not created.


Two absolutely identical sites, both visually and in terms of text content. The only difference is a slight change in the name. That is, the scammers, realizing that their scam will not last long, they want to cover as many suckers as possible to make a quick buck. The age of one domain - three weeks, another - only 6 days, and, despite this, both have a minus trust rating and appropriate reviews. What else can we talk about?
Naturally, the scammer has stuffed his site supposedly positive feedback from some obscure "participants". There is no doubt that the scammer himself wrote all this nonsense. The forum page can also be considered as positive comments. It's unlikely that the scammer wrote everything, because there's a lot of text there, so he just copied the positive comments from some forums and pasted them in. You can already tell by the fact that there is no mention of this company anywhere in them.


[email protected]

Surprisingly, the specified email address actually exists. True, this does not mean that someone will respond to you from it. There is also a feedback form, where you need to specify your email box, as well as your phone number. Of course, you don't have to do any of this, because the scammers will know your contact information. Then wait for uninvited guests, constantly calling and spreading fraudulent spam.


NewIncome Ltd, which has been trading cryptocurrencies since 2015, created a simple online platform to attract investments so that any user could earn high income with minimal time and little involvement. They have allegedly created a simple algorithm of work for users who are not familiar with the currency exchange. All the work will be done for us by some unique program, which will allow us to avoid serious errors.

In short, it is quite a scam. We are told that there is a super program that will trade crypto and make money for us. Apparently, it is all related to the exchange of crypto. That is, earnings based on exchange rate differences - a familiar song. We, in fact, just need to sit back and get the dough. Typical tale for suckers.
New Income, a company that supposedly trades cryptocurrencies since 2015, but is actually an old scam with appropriate reviews.


New Income, a company that supposedly came up with an innovative program to make money from cryptocurrency, is an old scam that is updated and posted online from time to time. Despite this, its essence remains the same. No one will pay you anything here, only demand money. Deception.


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