Choose a thermometer. Overview of thermometers on the pharmacy shelf.

Overview of thermometers on the pharmacy shelf

Choose a thermometer. Overview of thermometers on the pharmacy shelf. When the baby cries, the temperature rises. In women, the temperature in the rectum depends on the phase of the cycle. The norm is considered to be the values depending on the place of measurement: oral — 35.7–37.3 C, rectal — 36.2–37.7 C, axillary (in the armpit) - 35.2–36.7 C.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of different types of thermometers, it is easy to make the right choice when buying.

Mercury thermometers


They are a glass flask sealed on both sides. Inside — a capillary with mercury and a scale of 34-42 C. Mercury expands when heated and rises up through a special tank. The reading at the top point is maintained until the thermometer is shaken. Such devices are also called maximum. Mercury thermometers are popular because they are cheap and accurate. The error is minus 0.15 C — plus 0.1 C. They do not require a power source, are easily disinfected, and are intended for all family members. The minimum uptime is 450 cycles. However, mercury is a strong toxic substance. Caution is required when using,and children should not be measured orally or rectally. Some manufacturers produce thermometers in a special polyvinyl chloride case. If the thermometer falls, mercury and glass fragments remain inside. In a number of European countries, mercury thermometers are not used. Recently, glass thermometers with non-toxic alloys of gallium, indium and tin have appeared.


A serious disadvantage of mercury thermometers is the measurement time. Depending on the technology, it is: rectal-3 minutes, oral-5 minutes, axillary-10 minutes. When choosing, it is worth considering that it is sometimes difficult for older people to read the results from such a device. Interesting fact

To ensure close contact with the skin, Omron produces the Omron I-Temp mini and Omron I-Temp flat-tip thermometers (with an enlarged display). Microlife, B. Well, and Litlle Doctor companies produce electronic thermometers for children in the form of pacifiers. After 5-10 minutes of sucking, the readings will appear on the screen. However, mouth breathing and crying affect the accuracy of the measurement. Therefore, with rhinitis, it is better to use another thermometer. With prolonged use, the silicone part of the nipple will become unusable. These models are not suitable for children who do not use a standard pacifier on a daily basis. Electronic thermometers


The design of the device includes a thermistor, which changes the resistance depending on the temperature. The heat changes the amount of current passing through the sensor, and the result is displayed on the display. If the model is equipped with a backlit screen, it is easy to take readings. Manufacturers indicate the measurement time of 30-60 seconds. But this speed is achieved at the expense of errors. The lower the body temperature, the higher the margin of error. At a body temperature of 36.6-37 C, the error is 0.3-0.7 C. And at a temperature above 38 C-0.1-0.3 C. To level out the inaccuracy, a close contact of the thermal sensor with the human skin is necessary. Therefore, the device is suitable for measuring the temperature in the oral cavity or rectum. However, such methods are not common in Russia.Electronic thermometers are programmed to give an audible signal if the increase in body temperature does not exceed 0.1 C in 10-15 seconds. As a result, the measurement error will be minus 0.5-0.7 C. To avoid errors in the thermometry, continue to measure for another 3 minutes after the signal. For ease of measurement, thermometers with a soft tip are produced. For children, models with animal figures on the body have been developed.

In children under 3 years of age, the temperature is measured with a rectal thermometer. It is similar to a button: the " cap "is a display for displaying the measurement result, and the" leg " is a heat — sensitive sensor. Such a thermometer sometimes provokes defecation. Service life — 2 years. A number of models are equipped with a replaceable battery: the charge will last for 2 years with 2 times the measurement per day.

Infrared thermometers

A special sensor element reacts to infrared radiation. The result is displayed on a liquid crystal display. The error of these types of thermometers ranges from 0.2 to 0.5 C. At the boundary temperature, this is critical.

There are frontal, ear and non-contact infrared thermometers.

Contactless is convenient to measure the temperature of children in a sleeping state. The ear thermometer measures the body temperature at the eardrum (up to 40 times per second) and gives the highest value. The soft nozzle restricts penetration into the ear. Inflammation in the middle ear and excess sulfur in the ear canal will affect the measurement result.

The Omron Gentle Temp 510 ear thermometer has 2 measurement modes: instantaneous-in 1 second - and directional - in 10 seconds (for infants). The kit comes with 10 protective caps.

Thermometer B.Thanks to the removable nozzle, the Well WF-1000 measures the temperature in the temporal region and in the auricle, the temperature of the air, the surface of the liquid (without immersion) in the range of minus 22 C plus 80 C.


The Sensitec nf 3101 contactless sensor can measure the temperature at a distance of up to 15 cm. Measurement speed-0.5 s, memory for the last 32 measurements, auto-off after 7 s. On a note

When measuring the temperature with any thermometer, keep in mind that even serviceable thermometers can give an incorrect reading. This happens in the following cases:

- temperature measurement through clothing;

- measurement after outdoor games and increased physical activity;

- measurement after a cold shower or hot bath;

- measurement orally after taking a hot meal;

- the measurement is axillary in the wet armpit: moisture and an air hole in this place distort the data.

Proper use of thermometers and strict adherence to the instructions for use will allow you to get the result quickly and accurately.

The Microlife MT 1931 thermometer is equipped with a gold anti-allergenic tip. This is useful for people who are allergic to nickel, which is found in other models.

The contactless Microlife NC 100 measures with an error of no more than 0.2 C, and depending on the readings, the display is colored in 2 colors: below 37.4 C — green, above — red.

The AND DT-635 has additional functions: a clock and a room thermometer.


Thermometric strips

Indicator strips with a scale, covered with an emulsion of liquid crystals. The strips are applied to the forehead and after 20 seconds, the temperature is judged by the color change. With this method, the temperature is measured without tenths. The method is considered preliminary: it requires further definition. The accuracy of the readings is affected by drops of sweat on the forehead, illumination, the density of the strip to the body, and the storage conditions of these temperature indicators.

For children, a single-use continuous thermometer Fevermonitor IPS SRL is produced. It is made in the form of a ladybug. It is glued to the child's forehead for up to 48 hours, and the parents see the result of the measurement.

In children who are prone to seizures, it is necessary to monitor the temperature every minute. In such a situation, the Baby Minder RT-910 remote body temperature monitoring system will help.

The mini sensor is attached to the baby's diaper or underwear with a strap. Every 10 seconds, it sends data to the receiving unit, which is stored by the parents. An increase in the temperature to the critical level will be reflected in the form of an audible and visual signal on the receiving unit.


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