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Trading with the reviews about the benefits of the terminal and trading conditions.

The success of Forex trading depends very much on the broker you choose for yourself. Brokers are interested in providing quality services to their traders, reducing the risk of their losses. For example, the British company Marwick Investments Limited offers an investment of up to three months, the minimum deposit amount of 10 000 euros. The following assets are available for trading - currency, commodity assets, stocks. The terms of trade of this broker and the peculiarities of trading with it, which about Marwick Investments Limited reviews leave its customers - in our review.

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Platform reviews from users

Brokers give you the opportunity to enter global markets by acting as an intermediary. The broker's clients have the opportunity to work with raw material markets: invest in oil, metals (gold, silver, etc.). But of course to this day the most popular is investing. Investing in shares of American companies is popular, as the US economy remains more stable even in the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The broker offers its clients to work with the purchase and sale of shares of major American companies. In addition, the broker provides access to the Forex market - the market for currency pairs.

On the company's website you can find a detailed description of account plans and their capabilities

Taylor Morgan, entrepreneur, 43, Liverpool:

“I like shopping app. I'm not a professional trader, but I enjoy watching the news and reading financial market research. The application is easy to understand, graphing tools are accurate and informative. I made a decent profit and did not face delays in withdrawing funds. "

Options for trading terminals from a broker from Marwick Investments Limited reviews

For trading, the broker has developed its own trading platform with features that allow you to open all kinds of orders, enter into transactions and contracts, and the company also offers leverage. The broker's functionality is fully available for all tariff plans, which are described in detail on the company's website.

The platform is presented on the site in three versions.

The first is the web terminal. The most popular trading tool. The client receives market offers for personal login and password. Execution of transactions occurs as quickly as possible. This is a great tool for trading management. The broker's platform has a high degree of protection, you can not worry about the safety of your money. Thus, all trading data is not protected.

Trading on the platform from your own computer is the second option. This option is suitable for those who trade professionally. In order to install a trading platform, it is important to have enough free memory on your computer. A personal platform is the most secure type of trading due to data preservation.

There is also a very convenient view - a mobile application for trade. This is an ideal option to trade from anywhere in the world, but it has limited features. The client cannot conclude transactions, but can be aware of all market events and keep in touch with the manager.

Aaron Smith, 35 years old, Leicester

“I have known this company for a long time, but for some reason I opened an account here only last month. It was a demo account. I wanted to thoroughly study the MT4 trading platform. You know, some traders write that this is a complex platform, but I did not find anything complicated here. I just really wanted to learn how to trade. I need to know. I want to open a real account. Can I get a bonus when opening a deposit? I have money, but I would like to have more opportunities. What can I get? ”


Convenient terminals of three types and wide functionality give many opportunities to work with a broker. According to Marwick Investments Limited reviews, clients often distribute assets to three groups to feel safe and make more profit.

Comments (11)
Maurice Park

The main loophole in any beginning trader's arsenal would be his broker knowledge, that's for sure. I had a talk with folks from marwick investments limiteds recently and it was like a revelation to me. Don't know if I will cooperate with them yet, but these guys really know their trading.

Lester Walker

I have worked with marwick investments limiteds for half a year; feeling quite swell, but I cant shake off the feeling that I could've done better if I was starting with a bigger depo and catching the moment better especially when all this corona mess appeared

James Smith

know how to manage your money, know how to minimize risk. This broker is ok, but I ve spent three years of losing while looking for a solid company to work with.

Robert Edwards

marwick investments limiteds is a mediocre broker for thos who are just beginning their way into the trading. Maybe they have other uses but I'm yet to discover those. Like their website, simple and easy

John Sutton

Guys from marwick investments limiteds have a really good entry deposit requirements, but I'm a bit confused about the profit level Im gonna get with it. Low investments mean low profits right?

Neil Martin

Working with this company is surely an upgrade in comparison with that last broker I worked with. It doesn't look like I'm going to find some drastically better alternatives in the nearest future, so I guess I'll just have to stay put and try to get the most out of this cooperation.

Jeffrey Brown

Yeah, sure, this broker does have it's flaws, but those aren't really that serious, besides, their terms of cooperation are so great that they easily overshadow those flaws. This company is absolutely great and I love working with them.

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