7 best inhalers.

Seven Best Steam Inhalers

Autumn and winter – a period of colds and viral diseases, the clinical manifestations of which can be rhinitis, cough, sore throat. In the treatment of such diseases, inhalations with medicines or traditional medicine are often prescribed. Modern technologies allow you to choose the best inhaler depending on its purpose and features, it is necessary to remember that there are different models of these devices: used exclusively in cosmetology, intended for the treatment of adults, convenient for use by children. Best Steam Inhalers


MED 2000 Cow (Burenka)

2 090

The best in our rating children's steam inhaler-MED 2000 Burenka. It can be used as an inhaler in children or a steam sauna for the face in adults.This is the simplest inhaler in terms of action, the work of which is based on the evaporation of the medicinal substance. The inhaler is designed mainly for children and is made in the form of a cow. The weight of the device is about 600 g, the liquid volume is 80 ml, the steam temperature is 43 degrees.


Main advantages:

original design,

has the function of selecting the size of the vapor particles during inhalation, and a telescopic tube for adjusting the steam temperature.


there is no mask for adults, only cosmetic,

high temperature steam requires caution.


1 189

A good steam inhaler that can be used during treatment and for the prevention of colds, as well as for cosmetic procedures. The liquid volume is up to 75 ml, the weight is 2 kg, it works from 120 V, plant decoctions are used as medicinal substances.


The main advantages:

it can be used as an inhaler and as a sauna for the face,

the device is simple, convenient and reliable to use,

there is a valve to reset the temperature of the steam.


it is forbidden to use it for cardiovascular diseases. Best Ultrasonic Inhalers


Omron NE-U17

89 900

A good professional inhaler with a large volume of sprayed liquid and the possibility of long continuous operation (up to three days), so the Omron U 17 inhaler is more often used in hospitals and medical centers. It has a large selection of air flow speed and particle atomization.


The main advantages:

long continuous operation,

a large volume of vaporized liquid (15-17 liters per minute),

it has 11 levels of air flow velocity and 10 levels of spray velocity of drug nanoparticles.


high cost of the device,

large size.

Microlife neb 100B

3 229

A powerful, easy-to-use inhaler with a reciprocating compressor. Produced by the famous Swiss company. The kit includes children's and adult masks, nozzles for inhalation through the mouth and nasal. The duration of continuous operation can reach half an hour. It has a relatively small weight (just over a kilogram). Designed for use by the whole family and suitable for all medicines.


The main advantages:

the formation of the smallest aerosol particles,

reliability, ease of use and a fairly low noise level,

high spray speed.

Omron Comp Air NE-C28

5 630

Omron inhalers of different models are the most popular at the moment in Russia. Their reliability and good value for money are impressive. Omron compaire C 28 is an easy-to-use, although not too light nebulizer (weight up to 2 kg), which includes two masks (adult and children), replaceable nozzles and a long tube for carrying out inhalations at a distance from the body.


Main advantages:

it has a high speed and performance of spraying the drug substance,

the long inhalation tube allows you to place the child further away from the body, and he is not afraid of the noise made by the device during operation,

it is quite reliable.


quite high cost.

Omron Comp Air NE-C24 Kids

4 380

Very light (up to 300 g.), small, almost silent children's nebulizer. The model has a colorful design, is equipped with additional accessories (toys in the form of a bear and a rabbit), plus the package includes a small mask designed for infants. Small, virtually silent nebulizer, suitable for use at any age, starting from infancy. The compressor nebulizer is not suitable for the use of oil solutions and vegetable decoctions.


The main advantages:

compact and easy to use,

rather quiet operation of the device,

economical consumption of medicines.


no nozzle for nasal inhalation.

B. Well WN-115K Steam train

2 910

Compressor nebulizer-steam train B.Well WN-115K can be used to treat the whole family. The device ensures that the drug is carried into the lower respiratory tract, and the bright design, flickering light bulbs and funny stickers will make inhalation a pleasant game for your child. This inhaler has a lot of positive feedback from parents — the kids really like the train. Even sometimes too much-it can be difficult to convince the children to finish the procedure and put the device away for storage. The device is suitable for both children and adults for periodic use. If you plan to use it often (several times a day), choose a different model, more versatile.


The main advantages:

interesting design,

easy to use,

suitable for babies.


the operating time without a break should not exceed 20 minutes, after you need to let the device cool down for at least 40 minutes,

quite noisy.



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