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    Overview of the 10 best types of microscopes

    Digital screen. Such a device is suitable as a way to demonstrate the process, since the actions are visible on the display. But the cost increases significantly, almost all models are connected to external monitors. What should be a good microscope:

    Choose a thermometer. Overview of thermometers on the pharmacy shelf.

    They are a glass flask sealed on both sides. Inside — a capillary with mercury and a scale of 34-42 C. Mercury expands when heated and rises up through a special tank. The reading at the top point is maintained until the thermometer is shaken. Such devices are also called maximum.

    Best blood pressure monitors: 7 top models

    Far from the last indicator in choosing the best tonometer is the manufacturer and its recognition. After all, today many pharmacies offer products of unknown brands. Buying such a product, you can run into a low-quality product, the manufacturer of which does not even have a specialized service center.