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    Katie Wood believes that the Ark fund's profitability will grow 4 times

    Wood expects that the shares of innovative companies in the Ark portfolio will increase by 4 times compared to the current level over the next 5 years.

    Overview Financial Screws! How to protect yourself.

    FBS - Forex pseudobroker, which is a clone broker. He mows for a legitimate company, in order to lure the currency in anything that understands newcomers. The fraudster refers to a good reputation as a regulatory currency firm in Britain. FBS unceremoniously can say what needs to be investing and now to derive funds. On this turn it becomes clear that FBS is a divorce.

    New Income - reviews of an old scam

    Two absolutely identical sites, both visually and in terms of text content. The only difference is a slight change in the name. That is, the scammers, realizing that their scam will not last long, they want to cover as many suckers as possible to make a quick buck.