UniteCommerce are scammers, don't trust them!

UniteCommerce is a scammer disguised as a broker!

The online broker UniteCommerce, which operates in the UK, is considered a scam with a bad reputation.

When we go to the official website of UniteCommerce - unitecommerce.cc, we will read that this company provides trading services on the Forex financial market in England. In addition, UniteCommerce provides programs for financial transactions.

We explored the official website of UniteCommerce, got acquainted with the terms of operations, made a trip to get at least demo access to the software, analyzed the existence of documents, the region where the company was registered.

With the help of the information received, we will figure out: Is UniteCommerce a scam or not?

We will also explain to you how not to fall into the network of scammers, about their operation algorithms. We will provide you with the information you need to keep your finances safe.

UniteCommerce is located offshore

The first signal that UniteCommerce is a scam is the country of registration. The organization is officially registered in the Marshall Islands, which is already doubtful, since UniteCommerce operates in the UK. Offshore states are popular with deceivers due to the lack of the need to comply with the law and control.

In addition, this state does not have permission to work on the Forex market.

Also, when our experts tried to find the physical or legal address, information about the owners and directors of UniteCommerce, they could not find anything.

This hints that UniteCommerce is a fake online broker that will result in a big loss of money.

No information found for unitecommerce.cc manual

While researching the website, we could not find reliable information about the management of unitecommerce.cc. No addresses, no phone numbers or other means of communication.

As a rule, this means that real leaders are trying to hide information about themselves in order to elude responsibility for their actions. If one of the UniteCommerce employees can be found, then this will all end, and the actual heads of the shadow company will remain at large.

UniteCommerce, site - UniteCommerce, less than thirty days

The UniteCommerce site talks about significant experience in the Forex market.

The most common way to analyze any official site is to obtain data about a domain name. As a rule, they record the age of existence of a domain name, contact details of its owner.

In a specific case, the unitecommerce.cc domain works for less than 30 days, and all information about the individual who owns it is classified. Another proof that the organizers of UniteCommerce are trying to remain anonymous.
This desire can be accepted, but not when it comes to a company working as an intermediary between a trader and the Forex market.

At the same time, UniteCommerce assures potential users that they have been operating effectively in Forex for quite a long time.


UniteCommerce has no demo period

It is a common practice for online brokers to give their clients a demo version of their software so that they get acquainted with the interface, test their skills in Forex trading with virtual currency.

Unfortunately, on the site unitecommerce.cc, we did not find any mention of a demo period, the ability to try out the software.

Probably the organizers of the UniteCommerce company are simply not going to provide users with trial access to the software, as some of them may begin to suspect fraud.

Broker UniteCommerce operates with a negative balance

Official organizations that operate on Forex do not use a negative balance in their activities. By law, a broker user is not able to spend more now on his account. In those rare situations when the account still goes into negative territory, the loan must be repaid not by the user, but by the company that provided the services.

Therefore, legal Internet brokers do not use a negative account in their activities.

However, UniteCommerce provides traders with Forex operations with a negative account, that is, in debt.

What is it for?

To drive the client into debt and pay off the loan. This is one of the most common methods of fraud used by criminals.

If this happened, it must be remembered that scammers have no way to recover money under UK law. Any form of pressure on you is illegal. The maximum that scammers can do is to disturb with calls, send letters with threats.

It is impossible to cooperate with UniteCommerce, since any agreements will result in losses.

UniteCommerce operate with a leverage of 1 to four hundred or more

Already now, it is clear that UniteCommerce are bandits. However, let's pay attention to another fact, namely the presence of too high leverage.

The credit ratio is the ratio of funds of clients and brokers at the conclusion of the transaction. It allows traders who do not have enough money with them to close significant deals.

In order to protect Forex users, in civilized regions, the current laws require the use of leverage with the highest ratio of 1 to 30, in rare cases fifty.

At the same time, UniteCommerce uses a credit ratio of 1 to 400 for transactions in the Forex financial market.

This relationship is legalized in Switzerland, as companies registered in this country enjoy great confidence. But UniteCommerce is not decorated there.

As such, UniteCommerce is not allowed to trade in the Forex market with such a credit ratio due to the high risk to users. Accordingly, this is done solely in order to force the trader not only to transfer as much of his own finances as possible, but also to drag him into loans.

Local branches of UniteCommerce

It is considered important for a firm to have regional offices in civilized regions, even if the activity is carried out only in the UK. So UniteCommerce talks about the fact that in addition to a significant number of awards, they have local offices in the UK, Australia and other civilized countries, as well as a lot of skilled workers.

Checking the availability of these offices is quite simple. Since profile structures are known that regulate the work of brokers. In the UK it's FCA, in Australia it's ASIC.

Accordingly, the official organization is required to have supporting papers from these or other organizations that confirm their ability to provide trading services on the Forex financial market, determine the level of responsibility.

However, after analyzing the specialized official sites, our employees could not find them. Which once again reinforces suspicions.

For registration on unitecommerce.cc, you need to transfer confidential data

As we reported earlier, UniteCommerce does not have a trial period, and therefore, in order to gain access, you must immediately transfer the minimum deposit to UniteCommerce bandits. In addition, access to the unitecommerce.cc personal account is possible only if the client has successfully passed the verification.

This means that UniteCommerce requires customers to submit information such as:

In addition, during the initial transfer, fraudsters can gain access to card information.

As a result, this data may enable scammers to issue a loan to a trader, or to carry out other shady activities.

Since registration on the unitecommerce.cc website requires the transfer of personal data, we did not get access to the UniteCommerce personal account and the Forex trading software.

UniteCommerce Reviews

An important point of exposing UniteCommerce is the analysis of customer reviews.

A detailed study of the search results allowed us to obtain the following information:

Therefore, UniteCommerce reviews report that this broker is a scammer.

UniteCommerce contact information and white papers

Analyzing mentions on unitecommerce.cc, we found a lot of dubious digital official papers that can be easily done with the help of a graphic editor. They are not confirmed by official firms, which means they cannot be trusted.

If an online broker is not associated with regulatory firms, then its traders simply have nowhere to turn for help.

On the "Contacts" page, our employees found a phone number. It turned out that it had already been used by an illegal online broker. There are also many reviews on the net about fraudulent activities associated with the phone number listed on unitecommerce.cc.

Withdrawing money from unitecommerce.cc

Are you going to make money with the help of the Forex market online broker? Make sure you can take money from him.

While studying the user agreement on the UniteCommerce site, we did not find clear information about the methods of withdrawing funds. In addition, our employees saw a description of punishments for the inactivity of a personal account, but did not find data on their size. Since scammers do not operate in the official field, it will not be possible to challenge these fines.

That is, even if the client has stopped working with UniteCommerce, they may begin to disturb with calls and write messages demanding to pay the fine.

How does UniteCommerce work?

The way UniteCommerce uses to find customers is also suspicious.

For advertising, fake social media accounts are used, in which fake bloggers broadcast how they quickly managed to get rich working on Forex using UniteCommerce. The bots show off expensive cars and clothes, vacations in resorts and other manifestations of a prosperous life.

Bots guarantee a rapid increase in income, for which you do not need to learn or put in a lot of effort.

When a user comes into contact with scammers, UniteCommerce employees talk about the reality of instant earnings, as well as some unique abilities of their software that will allow you to immediately withdraw solid earnings.

After that, various tricks are used to get the maximum investment from the trader. For example, you may be given fake profits to inspire you to invest more.

When trading on the Forex financial market becomes negative, the representative of the organization will recommend transferring even more to compensate for the negative.

UniteCommerce managers act according to guidelines that have been developed by qualified psychologists. Fraudsters analyze customer data in order to put pressure on weak points, to pull out even more finances.

One way or another, everything will come to one of two results:

Another way to make money for UniteCommerce is to sell your personal information to third parties. Most likely, as a result, it will be possible to buy detailed information about you for a moderate amount of money on an anonymous Telegram channel on the dark web.

It is likely that as a result of this, all kinds of bandits, sales managers, etc. will begin to write to you more often. It is also worth waiting for messages from UniteCommerce colleagues who will begin to offer "recovery" of lost deposits, of course for a fee.

Since UniteCommerce does not operate in a legal field and remains incognito, UniteCommerce cannot be held liable under applicable law in England. The leaders of the shadow company are carefully hiding and, at best, the legitimate authorities will be able to figure out one of the "managers".

Should you trust UniteCommerce?


If you are going to give finances to criminals, then give them to a good cause.

In short, we list the evidence that UniteCommerce is a bandit:

This completes the UniteCommerce review. It is clear that UniteCommerce are scammers.


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