How to return deposits from AvizGroup? honest customer reviews

What is User fraud.

From time to time there are firms providing brokerage services in the Forex market. In order for you to know who you can trust, our specialists have prepared an overview of AvizGroup operating in Russia.

Our experts have analyzed the website, information from available sources. website - overview is a template site with a negligible amount of data. The user is immediately offered to get acquainted with the tariffs, register and "earn".

Contact details - phone number and address.

Lack of information about work experience, existing contracts and regulatory documents, algorithms for cooperation with users.

In addition, for the review, we analyzed the domain name data. We found that the domain name has been registered for less than 30 days.

More information can only be read by registering.

Therefore, we can safely say that there is too little information on the website, which of course gives rise to suspicion.

AvizGroup overview - official address of the organization

After studying the official address published on the website, we found a large number of publications about illegal fraud related to fraud in the Forex financial market.

Our specialists have not found evidence that a real company is located at the specified address with

It is also suspicious that the indicated address of AvizGroup is located not in the Russian Federation, where the company operates, but in another state.

AvizGroup overview - phone

After examining the phone number, our employees found evidence of its use in shady scams. Previously, the phone has also been linked to criminals posing as online Forex brokers.

AvizGroup Overview - Web Mentions

Another component of the review is the study of references on the Internet. On the website, our experts have identified a small number of standard, paid reviews with fake faces and fake names.

In search engines, the results showed our employees many negative mentions and reviews of AvizGroup.

Mostly, users talk about the inability to receive their funds, the poor performance of programs, and the boorish behavior of employees.

Accordingly, if you look at the references on the Internet, AvizGroup are criminals. review examples:

Gifts for registration from AvizGroup

As a rule, young brands providing services in the financial Forex market offer gifts to newly registered clients for registering an account. Usually these are various positive gifts, for example, advice from analytics specialists. However, on the AvizGroup website and in promotional materials, our experts found data on gifts in the amount of the initial deposit. It must be understood that this is money that an Internet broker provides users with to work on the Forex financial market, and not invented coins that do not go beyond the system.

This is very suspicious due to the fact that with such bonuses, the period for receiving income from a trader is extended, with significant expenses.

In principle, we can conclude that the reason is the amazing generosity of, but in practice everything is much simpler. Contributions are not withdrawn outside the service, since the entire activity of AvizGroup is a scam.

Account types for

On the AvizGroup website, you can find several types of accounts that differ not only in the way they work, but also in the size of the initial deposits. This is a standard technique for pushing users into significant deposits, setting up an expensive type of account.

Clients can be sold personal advice from analysts, insured transactions, access to insider information. However, this is all a scam, used only to extract money.

You must remember that no matter how much investment you invest, they will go to scammers, since AvizGroup are criminals.


Leverage is a standard Forex trading tool that allows you to trade for an amount much larger than the user has. The missing money is taken on credit from an online broker. Organizations that offer their clients the opportunity to make deals with high leverage are at serious risk, therefore they allow this option only to verified players. But are scammers, so they use leverage to drive their customers into debt and force repayments on a non-existent loan.

Time to refund

Traders trade Forex to make a profit. Naturally, this is impossible without the withdrawal of deposits. Therefore, the question arises: "does have a deadline for withdrawing deposits"? On the website, our employees found information that the withdrawal of money takes place instantly and without commissions. In practice, even large, registered online brokers do not always provide such working conditions. What is the setup?

The fact is that are scammers and do not plan to give people the opportunity to withdraw money. Therefore, AvizGroup will offer the best conditions. But all their oaths are empty words.

Reviews appeared before appeared

As our experts have already reported earlier, the official site was created in less than thirty days. However, on popular sites, you can find references two months ago.

Most likely, AvizGroup specialists, before the start of the fraud, paid for fake mentions on popular sites so that traders would get the impression that the company had existed for many months.

AvizGroup overview - test period

On the official website of there is no test access to the software, which allows you to understand the level of services offered.

Employees of AvizGroup want the client to immediately transfer confidential information to them and transfer the lowest payment.

AvizGroup overview - financial withdrawal

In theory, the withdrawal of the user's money occurs through the form on the AvizGroup website. It raises concerns that a person is able to use it, without a personal account. That is, the appeal will be studied in manual mode, which is unrealistic with a large number of users.

Our experts concluded that this form was created only to show future victims the opportunity to receive finance, but in fact it does not work.


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How to return deposits from AvizGroup? honest customer reviews

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