Wise Capital Limited scam check. What information can be found about the broker?

Wise Capital Limited - scam or great offer? Broker Wise Capital Limited reviews Visitors: 1350

Wise Capital Limited broker provides a wider range of services than most companies in the market. The company makes it possible to work with contracts for the difference of valuable metals, other assets that are usually more associated with the commodity exchange than with the currency, the company also works with cryptocurrency.

The basis of Wise Capital Limited is the creation of comfortable conditions for traders. At first glance, it might look like promotional promises. But the broker has a convenient trading platform developed by the company itself. This alone looks like a professional approach to work.

Broker Office is located in London, United Kingdom

Broker contacts can be found on the site in open access, in the "About us" section.

The company has reached the market more than 10 years ago, and that’s a considerable period, so the broker earned a lot of positive feedbacks on its activities.

The broker performs its activities under the closer control of local regulators, which implies protection against scam.

Wise Capital Limited reviews and discussion of cooperation conditions.

Among the positive factors, Wise Capital Limited reviews mention the location of the headquarters, eliminating the likelihood that the Wise Capital Limited scam, many available portfolios, a wide selection of trading tools.

Site overview

The company's website has quite a list of positive features:

Registration on the site is simple, quickly and safely;

On the site you can find all the necessary contact information;
Easy to use interface;

The site is filled with trading details and information;

There is a lot of educational information on the site;

There is a list of frequently asked questions and answers to them.

How to register on the site as a user?

How to register an account

You can find the registration form by clicking on the "Open Account" section. After that, you will need to fill out a simple form by specifying personal information. Documents of users require verification because the broker is regulated by both British and EU legislation. Verification is required so that the broker make sure that the new user is not a scammer.

The registration procedure is simple and understandable if questions arise, you can contact the support service.

Trading conditions Wise Capital Limited - scam or great offer?

Wise Capital Limited reviews suggest that accounts are tied to the size of invested funds to start work. The difference lies in additional trading conditions and features for different accounts.

There are six types of accounts that Wise Capital Limited offers:

Account Newcomer, with deposit of 250 euros.

9 currencies, more than 25 types of trading instruments;

Support personal account manager;

3 Insured transactions

The account involves trading micro-lots

Spreads both fixed and floating

Silver. The account deposit is 2 thousand euros.

2 types of assets, more than 50 types of trading instruments;

Account involves trading micro-lots

4 Insured transactions

The company provides lending

Gold. Account deposit is 2 thousand euros.

3 types of assets, more than 200 types of trading tools

5 insured deals

Account insurance

Investor. The deposit account is 10 thousand euros.

 4 types of assets, more than 250 types of trading tools

10 insured transactions;


Bonus on account - 50%

Premium. Account deposit is 50 thousand euros.

4 types of assets, more than 300 types of trading instruments

15 insured transactions;

70% bonus

Access to the company's reserve fund;

Work personal analyst;

 Signals to the insured contracts.

Black VIP. Account deposit is 100 thousand euros.

Unlimited access to the market analytics, which is updated every day;

VIP trader signals.

Support teamwork:

In working with its clients, the Wise Capital Limited broker uses the full range of services that are usually provided by European companies:

● Support team;

● training materials;

● The company provides all the necessary information;

Most Wise Capital Limited reviews have reported professional support service actions, convenience and low commissions of input and output of funds, the presence of a sufficient number of trading tools. We need to mention the frequent comparison with other companies in favour of Wise Capital Limited, scam of other companies gives arguments in favour of choosing a decent broker.

Financial operations

Customer transactions with Wise Capital Limited are conductedusing such financial instruments as transfers and bank cards. Electronic payments are also used for investments.

Wise Capital Limited uses the encryption system, taking care for customer safety. All bank account data is available only to the company's customers and anyone more. The company warns all customers about the safety rules for storing login and password. In Wise Capital Limited scam with the money laundering is not tolerated and leads to account block so all the security measures are taken both for safety of customer and a company.

Special features program:

In Wise Capital Limited there are some special offers available for traders.

● Demo account. Perfectly suitable for exploring the company and the development of an effective strategy;

● topical financial news from around the world, real-time quotes;

● Educational materials that include webinars and personal consultations.

 Wise Capital Limited broker reviews tell us that the company works on its reputation and is constantly expanding the range of its services to attract more partners. Wise Capital Limited scam preventing rules allowed to save thousands of dollars which is also a strong point of cooperation with it.

Comments (6)
Goodman Collin

At some point I noticed that Finam raised the spreads for the positions I needed, I did not like it and decided to find something more profitable. Almost by chance I followed links to Wise Capital Limited, I found it where I did not search. I read the info, reviews, seems like a normal broker, despite his youth, with good potential. Not bad, yes. Pleasing spreads, they are lower than many, static, means they do not jump. There is no commission for withdrawing, except of bank fees, and that depends on your bank. Pity, there is no choice of terminals, only MetaTrader 4 is available.

Park Francis

From the middle of spring I started trading with Wise Capital Limited, I still haven’t faced with any more or less significant problems. Orders are executed quickly, the broker does not crank the left trades behind client's back, the market average quotes. Static spreads do not jump after the market, there is stability. Sane support answer promptly. There are not enough additional communication channels, while you can only get to the support via phone or email. The time has come to screw a chat or go to instant messengers, such as Viber.

Woods William

A strange thing happens with top brokers when it comes to popularity. Almost immediately, their quality of service decreases. I will not give names, but more recently I traded with one very famous company in Russia. Here's the situation. Thanks for letting me get away with my money, at least I was able to withdraw all savings. A month ago I joined Wise Capital Limited. I consciously chose not a very well-known broker, but most of all I liked the trading conditions and the opportunity to enter with almost any amount. Spreads are low, quotes correspond to average market indicators, there are no commissions. Support is often busy, but from the second time you can almost always get through.

Holmes Paul

I opened the first real deposit in my life at Wise Capital Limited. Before that I tried only demo accounts. I understandably practiced there, I even started to get something, but these are unreal transactions, well, the profits from them, you know .... you will not become a millionaire. As for conditions it's all right, static spreads, you couldn't merge your deposit on them, and I am satisfied now. Excellent analytics, still working with her and everything goes fine. There is already a small profit.

Houston Michael

Although Wise Capital Limited is a fairly young broker, they already could add more functions and services during its working. Therefore, five stars I will not put. However, all that was initially stated - works perfectly. All promises are fulfilled, spreads do not swell, remain static. Therefore, I stay here. I see no reason to change to another broker. My profit is not big yet, about a hundred and fifty bucks from a thousand to the depot every month. Normal such a second source of income, I think. I like that the withdrawal to the card or account is fast and hassle-free.

Cunningham Paul

Last winter, I went from Insta Forex to Wise Capital Limited. I got comfortable with the demos there, everything worked out, but on a real account I unexpectedly merged on the spreads. At Wise Capital Limited, the spreads themselves are small, static, not jumping from the market when storming. Quotes correspond to the market. I compared the EUR USD pair, which I trade. It is inconvenient that you will not get the support in the morning from the first time, you have to hang and wait, sometimes up to 10 minutes. It is good that the team is sane, they explain and adequately help. In short, I would give the broker a solid four from me.

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