Lately it has become popular to open brokerage

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Lately it has become popular to open brokerage companies and lure money out of customers' pockets and the creators of decided to make some extra money too.
The website of the partnergroupe company is located at:

In search engines are already a lot of positive things written about this pseudo broker, judge for yourself and they are not even ashamed to put it on their site.
In fact none of this is true!!!

We liked the last phrase of one of the sites where Partnergroupe bought reviews - "the company is super, I have been working for 5 years, I do not know whether there can be negative reviews" and here is another phrase - "I have been working with this company for three years. We decided to check if the broker is really "a few years" and found the following - DOMAIN is not even half a year old, how can you write so stupidly about a company without checking how long it exists?
Domain only 90 days.And here's another interesting point, the lease of the domain will end - Expires on 2020-12-06, and with a high probability of we can say that the prolongation will not.

On the site indicated that the company has 20 offices, but the address is listed only a few.

Activity Licensing
Partner Groupe Company declares the authorized capital of 450 million U.S. dollars, which also causes serious doubts, and the time of its existence more than eleven years, since 2009 (which is untrue, as we already know!). But in the License section there is some registration certificate of an obscure legal entity called PRBS Gestion Group LLC (Limited Liability Company) with registration number 136 LLC 2019, issued July 26, 2019. No documents confirming the connection of the organization mentioned therein with this broker Partner Groupe are given.

It should be noted that such certificates do not give any right to work in the Russian financial markets.

But broker Partner Groupe does not have a license of the Central Bank of Russia, so its activity on the territory of the Russian Federation is absolutely illegal. In addition, this company is not a member of any self-regulatory organization and does not make contributions to the compensation fund. There is information in the client agreement that all disputes should be settled in the courts at the place of registration of Partner Groupe.


This section states explicitly that the company management is not liable for any losses or costs incurred by clients in connection with the use of the site, nor does it guarantee any profitability in connection with the execution of its advice and recommendations.

What is the essence of the divorce
The essence of Partnergroupe scam is a classic for this kind of swindlers: they extort money from their clients. At first, the scammers promise over the phone to help make money in the financial markets and trick the victim into making a minimal investment. If a client is found competent and falls for such articles they call others.

Then, an analyst is attached to each new client, who is supposed to help him earn a little money with a tweaked trading platform. After that, the victim is offered to withdraw a small amount of money, such as $50 or even $100. Then a scam is started for more serious amounts of money because the client saw that the money is easily withdrawn!
After making a large deposit, the scammers from Partnergroupe intentionally start taking losing positions in order to make their clients lose money. Then they make offers to make new deposits in order to win back what they have lost. Promises, bonuses, and persuasion to take out a loan are used. Well, as always, eventually, sooner or later the victim loses all the money invested.

Even if at some point the customer will realize the deception and try to withdraw the rest of the account, they will not be able to do this either. Fraudsters will do everything possible to dissuade you from withdrawing funds, invent all sorts of penalties, fees, taxes, just not to return the money invested to the victim.

Conclusion about the "broker" Partnergroupe

In conclusion of my review of Partnergroupe I would like to remind you once again that you should be very careful when selecting brokers. In words absolutely all companies are great and reliable, while in reality 98% of all sites related to financial investments are engaged in fraud

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